Monday Minipost: My latest discovery

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Heya, my sweet bunnies!

I'm sorry I have been so inactive last week, I guess it was me taking time off, because as everyone sometimes I, as well, get hit in my face with life not being so nice. Despite that, during those times, I like to become let's say... a sponge(i know, i'm weird) and suck up as much inspiration, motivation and interesting details and things around me as I can, so when life is being my friend again, I can use all of them to... have some fun and probably create something fun too. And on this MM I wanted to show you guys, me stumbling upon something great and fun, something for indecisive people like me. 

Tattify is a store that sell temporary tattoos that can be easily applied and also, washed off whenever you want, if you fall inlove with a certain design, try it again, or even better, get a real one, which to me sounds kinda... heavenly. :)

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So, my dear pumpkins, if you are interested, check their etsy store or their homepage to see more designs. 

Always yours,


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