Monday Minipost: I Wish


 Heya, my tiny butterflies!
Often, when it comes to cloth, I can tell you, my lovelies, I'm very picky and with most occasions I will circle around shops in the end angry at myself and everyone around me that there is nothing good I can find for myself to wear. But... there are some guidelines I always follow and to say honestly, I formed a very monogamous relationship with certain pieces -  black dresses and lace up boots. I feel like with those two I am always either loving a black dress and pair of boots or in a search for the next one. And this blog entry is in honor of me being back in the hunt for perfect boots and that dress. As I always am pretty sadistic towards my lesbian boots they never seam to last long, so I have taught myself not to a - invest a lot in them and b - not to fall too madly inlove with them. So for now on my "I wish" list are these few pieces.

1. Lingerie style dress with lace from ZARA - OMG! Am I in love! This is just a magic on a hanger, to someone like me. And Zara, obviously has been my run to place for black dresses for years, but this, my dear pumpkins, is something else. It is a question to the eye - has she just gotten out of the bed or is she fashion forward? And it is so feminine and delicate and ah, I just see so many possibilities with this piece, dress down or up, just magical.

2. Print sweatshirt from Pull & Bear - I think this is the best sweatshirt for those of us who a - hate early mornings, b - love coffee and c - has an obsession with comfy big sweatshirts aka me.

3. Lace up boots from YESSTYLE.COM -  My next victim, no questions asked, these are adore.

4. Long Amarell dress from Monki - This one is perfect in it's simplicity, and to me it would be a run to piece for days I have no idea what I want from life(what i want to wear). I know it will sound silly, but this dress is so me I think I found a twin :)

5. Flower headband from Harlett - well... I think this one doesn't need any commentary :)

So, my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Monday Minipost and if you wand to see some more of my Wishlists , check out my Polyvore account, I just registered and it is already stealing some hours from me.

Always yours,

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