I Spy a Wool Tie


Heya, my dear, wonderful reader!
There comes a time (many times) when I envy men for their wardrobe, their super easy way to look fashionable and stylish with the most simplest pieces in their closet, because men's fashion is simple, rarely ever changing and overall very predictable. Men's wardrobe has been sort of a thing for me ever since I was a teenager and discovered my dads tie stash. It is also worth mentioning I was into Avril Lavigne at that moment and her sk8r boy style, so stealing a tie or two off my dad and wearing them just seamed simply rightfitting with me back then. So even though over years I have not worn a tie ever since that phase stopped, I still keep admiring them, though don't be fooled I still like to put on a mans shirt or a sweater paired with a nice skirt, just because it makes me feel more... important. Adding to all that, I've been eyeing some gorgeous wool ties for some while in stores and in fashion shows. What was the breaking point for me to post this was during my weekend in Edinburgh seeing some very stylish men sporting this wonderful simple wool tie which made me think that a - every man should have a nice wool tie in their closet and b - it's such a nice but subtle style statement, especially in winter. Ties, I think can also be very tricky - there's the very bright coloured one, the very, veeeery wide one, the one which has some very whimsical print on it that might be in someones closet, always eager to be worn, but the guys mum or girlfriend shouts at them to put that dumb think as far away as possible and never wear it again every time it is around guys neck. So to my mind a wool tie is something that could be nice for festive occasions and also, just for a drink with friends, because it can be easily worn with a big knit sweater and a classy white shirt. Uh,  so... after this long rant about ties (exciting) and if you are more of a visual than text person, the tie cheating sheet might be helpful for guys and the girls who like their men nicely dressed for some colour inspiration. I really do hope that this little style feature post seamed fun for you adn after reading this some guys might be willing to give the wool tie a try, because I would certainly like seeing more men sporting them.

Hope you all are good and safe and even through bad times can find a smallest sunshine to be happy about!

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