Grey With a Bit of Sunshine


Heheeii, my lovelies!
As cold winter times are coming closer and closer and everywhere around us we can already feel the breath of Christmas sneaking in, it's only natural that we crave the sun and the green trees just a bit more than usual, even though I'm such a Christmas geek and I'm already counting days till I can cook gingerbread men with my family and bear. I can tell you, my lovelies, that I've always loved high-waisted, over the knee length shirts, and over the years I've come to collect a few, but these ones are one of the newest ones, which I laid my eyes on last autumn at very tiny vintage fair in uni. 

Even though, the skirt might look quite simple, I always have found it hard to find anything nice and lovely to pair these with, but with my longing for summer times and summer wardrobe, I decided to pair them with a boyfriend crop top,which , the same as the skirt, by far was worn only in rare occasions (not a big fan of belly button show).





So, my dear pumpkins, I hope you enjoyed my outfit post and that even though, it is getting greyer, there are still a bit of sunshine in your days!

Always yours,


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