Flowers, Mountains and Studded Skirts


Hello, my sweet butterflies!

Some might say I'm too crazy about Christmas, but when Christmas means so much to someone like me, not only a tree and some gingerbread making, when it is actually a chance for me to see my dear family, a chance to experience extreme coldness, and by that I mean, wearing 3 pairs of wool socks and still feeling cold, a chance to see my friends again and catch up, a chance to escape Scotland, a chance to sleep in my own bed... I guess then it justifies me having an app with a Santa holding a sign saying how many more sleeps till Christmas (guilty). 39 sleeps if any of you were wondering. But in the mean time while I and the Santa are counting the sleeps, in Scotland it is still greener than ever (surprise). 
For one of those green days, I decided to pay some attention to the circle skirt I made for my last years uni project. It was the very first skirt I made, and as some of you, my loyal pumpkins, may know, I had a photo-shoot with my beautiful Estonian friend year ago wearing this same skirt , but now I've actually had the chance to do it myself, cause I am indeed proud of my first skirt ever made (not because of the skirt, the fact i didn't sew myself to the machine, that is the admirable fact). As for my flowers, I am sensing that I need to introduce some variety in my collection, although I love every single flower I have, I thing it is long over due, and even though these white ones I've also had for some time, it always feels refreshing, just to wear them and them alone. So, sometimes some old and forgotten is exactly what is needed.





I hope you all are at least almost as excited about Christmas getting closer as I am and that you have a nice, warm and relaxing weekend coming towards you.

Always yours and always singing Christmas songs,


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