Edinburgh Haul


Heya pumpkins!
I already told you sweeties, when my MM was late, that my mum was finally visiting  and we spent a wonderful but short time in Edinburgh, obviously with the winter time coming closer, some serious gift shopping was going on. Obviously when we come together we put our women on and just get lost in all the beautiful things. The wallet I found is from River Island and is fabulous, I've been looking for a good one for a long time and this baby fell into my hands. The Iphone case is from Topshop and also was a very needed buy, my old one, bought back in the summer, had started to look like someone had driven over it multiple times, hit it with a hammer and put it back on my phone.


 Big knit, comfy sweater from Primark, extremely soft, feels like it is especially made for me when I  still want to carry my bed to university.


And a nice lacey, also extremely soft top from Next, that felt very fitting with my Christmas vibes lately, love that fact that it can be both dressed up or down.


Hope you all are great, and that you too have someone you love beside you, that puts a smile on your face no matter what!

Always and forever yours,


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