Braid Easy


Heya, my lovelies!
For todays post I figured you guys haven't seen any DIY or How to posts in a loooong time, and with early school, work or university mornings hitting us every week, I decided this quick and easy hairstyle would grab your interest just a tiny bit.
 I've always been a fan of braided hair, I guess it has something to do with my mum always briding my hair in neat hairstyles in mornings for school or kinder-garden when I was just a child. As I'm always so inpatient not only in mornings, but whenever I have to spend long time on my hair, this is often my run to hairstyle. For my annoyingly long hair it takes max just 10 mins, so, if you're interested, here's the steps :

1. Part your hair on whichever side you want to and gather all the hair on the chosen side;

2. Separate your hair in 3 parts to braid;

3. Braid your hair till the end, trying to leave as little hair at the end as possible;

4. Use your hands to slightly pull the braid up, making it look fuller and bigger;

5. Take the hair up on the side and bobby bin wherever needed. Try and hide the little tail of the braid under hair on the side that it lies;

6. and tadaaaaa -  easy peasy!

So, hope you guys liked it and it was easy to understand my first ever how to hairstyle post.
I hope you all are someplace warm and that work is not overwhelming you too much!

Always yours,



  1. Lovely post this would be very useful to someone who had struggle with braiding lovely blog