University Outfit


Hello, my dear sweeties! 
I'm sorry for today's post being so late, university is catching up with me and with the semester done with it's first half you can really feel the projects crawling up on you. Anyhow, that doesn't stop me, oh no no no, from enjoying the nice, sunny autumn weather, and show you, my pumpkins, a very simple outfit I wore to university. Those of you who know me and read elegance lies religiously, might have noticed me mentioning how much black stuff I have in my closet blah blah... well, it's all true.

With that said, I feel like everyone should have at least few black, grey and white basic tops in their closet, they are always my go to garments for university or any day filled with many plans, just because they are practical and can be paired with garments that could be a bit more crazier. For instance, the zara skirt in this post, initially came to my closet family just because I needed a skirt for a night out and tadaaa... with a simple top and blazer it fits in perfectly for a normal day in class.






So, my dear autumn miracles, I hope you enjoyed this outfit and weren't too sad to get to read it just now.
Take care!

Always yours, AgitaV.

Skirt - ZARA
Top - H&M
Blazer - Pull & Bear 


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