Monday Minipost: Think Pink


Hello, my lovelies!
 I've always been in love with girly and fabulous pastels, but when it actually came to jumping on the trend, I've always been on a sideline, which is obvious, because my closet mainly consists of black, grey, blue garments and the very rare white. I think it's only natural that in times when chalking your hair in pink and lavender is the it thing to do, eventually it will jump on the cloth, especially when it's extremely dark during the winter times and we crave that light and positive in our wardrobes.
Most of you probably have noticed the pink coat trend and the way the black coat has almost been completely forgotten for this seasons collections. As I feel that a coat is an investment that should last you for at least 2 seasons and I wouldn't been able to go on that ride just now, I decided to give the trend a.... test run, beta version.


So on my little weekend shopping day I kinda went for the girly. I have to be really honest and say I had been eyeing pastel pink sweaters for a while now, but never bought them because I was worried I had nothing to really wear it with, so when I saw all these fluffy ones in Primark, I had to go for it no questions asked.


Found these babies in H&M, they sort of remind me of Christmas, and Christmas lights and the way snow glows in a sunny day, so yup... my little chandeliers.


And these ones I fell inlove with, I am kinda obsessed with Primarks Home section more than their actual clothing, because I never really can find things that fit me right in Primark(I mus have a weird body), but in home section that obstacle kind of disappears (Mister obvious). These ones were just 1.50 GBP each and I figured after they are burned out I could make something really pretty of the treys because a - they are just FABULOUS and b - they are made from glass.

So there it is, my lovelies, I went and spoiled myself, and you all should do it, as well. I command you.
Ok... well,  suggest, do what you want, little pumpkins.

Always yours,
Agita V.

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