Monday Minipost: Between The Pages


Heya, my remarkable autumn miracles!
I guess most of you and me included are having a hard time trying to adjust to mister autumn, it's a bit weird that after this nice, warm summer we have to go back to our usual stressful selves, to autumn boots and coats and hats, but in a way it seams like that kind of a ritual we have to go through, to again, be able to enjoy the summer as much as we do. My September started with loads of changes, I had to pack my bags once again to leave sunny Latvia and move back to always green Scotland. I've just moved into a new house with my fellow foreigners and maybe only now it is slowly starting to feel like my new home for this year. Uh, my darlings, every year more and more I start to realize that the saying "Home is where your heart is" is definitely and all throughout true, especially if you change your homes yearly(in my case). All I know is that, wherever I go with my many bags of baggage filled with shoes and hair products I always have you, guys, in there too, OUH YES, I'm being cheesy, get over it.

Anyway, because of the start of the new uni year, I've decided to let you guys flick through some of my last years sketchbook pages, it's silly and not even close to perfection, but... it's mine.







So... I hope, my dear love bunnies, that you are all someplace warm, with preferably warm socks on, and beside you there is someone who makes you heart warm as well, preferably a ....puppy. :P

Take care!
Always yours,

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