Girl in the White Dress

Hello, my dear sunbeams!
It's been some time since I last photographed something that wasn't university related which is indeed upsetting, because I live in one of the most picturesque places on earth and, of course, I love photographing.  So... when there was an actual sun shine outside and not the usual "it's sort of light outside" I simply had to take advantage of my Estonian friend and one of my favorite places in the little town I live.
Even, though, the nibbling cold has made the gardeners remove the beautiful flowers, it's still pretty amazingawesomepants (yes, its a word) and with the autumn leaves turning yellow it really makes you want to stay there, until your nose is so cold it's impossible to move it (that happens) and you have to go home .








My beautiful friend is wearing probably the only white dress I own, which must be a sign, knowing my closet is dominated by black things. Although it's been a while since I bought it from Boohoo.com, they currently have a lot of other cute dresses (which, oh my, oh my, are on sale) if you want to recreate the look, check out this Henrietta Chiffon dress.
Hope you're all well!
Take care, beutifuls!
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