Flowers on an Autumn Day


Hello, my dear pumpkins! 
I know it's been a while since I last came up with an outfit post, but I really, really wanted to share this look, because I've kind of fallen in-love with my Oasis floral print dress AND I barely never wear my flowers "full on" here (because, it rains like craycray here), so I wanted you guys to see it.
I feel like October here turns into this "lets rain all the time" weather and it can, sometimes or more than sometimes put you in the mood, BUT, then you have to open up the cheer up kit(yes, it is a thing). Whether it is a pumpkin spiced latte, meeting up with your friends or splurging on cloth you can't really afford (back me up on this, pleaaase), you have to do it.


So yeah, my lovelies, when I was starting to feel just like a fur coat on a rainy day (not fabulous at all), I decided it is time for me to put as much flowers on my head as I can fit, find my vintage sweater which I don't wear as often as I should, put a floral sweater dress on and, badam... rock it.
Even though, my flowers surprise people here more than people back at home, which is weird, because the British are known for their "out of the box" style, it's still fun to see people and their faces when I walk down my tiny towns streets.
(They're all - Do you know you have flowers on your head?-
and I'm all like -Of course, silly-)



Dress - Oasis
Sweater - Vintage
Boots - BCBG

So, beutifuls, hope you enjoyed my outfit post and that you all are okidoki.

Always yours,

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