Monday Minipost: Doing it the Frida way






Heya, my beautifuls! 

I know a lot of you might have noticed the little flower trend that has caught on in the past years and I myself have always been crazy for flowers worn as an accessory, which, you little spies, must have probably noticed from most of my pictures... so eventually I had to try it out myself.

As one of the majority of girls that obviously are weak when it comes to flowers, I had been ogling  many headpieces sold on etsy or at any little fairs in Latvia(Also ZIB*  have some great ones), but as someone who easily gets tired of the same thing again and again, AND like to mix things up a little bit, I gave this style my own little spin.

Basically, it's all very easy, all you need is flowers of your choice and a few bobby pins. There you go, my little curious butterflies, your own little flower accessory, which, most likely will cost you less than any of the custom made ones.

I hope you enjoyed my minipost and your monday is not too horrible!

Always yours,

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  1. Your blog is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!