DIY: Grunge YSL Inspired Belt


 He-hey, my darlings!
It's been a long time since I last gave you something DIY related to read and for a long time I was trying to come up with an easy idea that, not only would seem cool to you, guys, but also fun for me to make myself. As I was going through Fall 2013 Fashion Show pictures and stocking them away in multiple folders on my computer for ideas, I bumped into this, edgy and fun belt, which immediately gave me an idea for this DIY. 

As a normal girl, I keep a bunch of broken earrings stocked away in my room, too sorry to throw them out, though I know, it's one of those many irrational girl things I do. 
In this case, it was a great excuse, FINALLY, to put them to use, along with many of my buttons and tiny spikes.

SOOO, grab a belt and get started, my beautifuls!


What I loved about this so much is that in my creative craftiness I could glue basically anything on my tiny belt, starting from buttons to old coins and safety pins(i believe I even have a part of a zipper there)
If you don't have a glue gun at home, what I did is, went into the TIGER store and bought mine for 2 LVL, which already had 4 (if my old brain remembers right) glue sticks in the box (though I recommend you buy some more, because glue gunning is SO ADDICTIVE).

So, once you have found all the tiny details you want to add and the right belt you want to use, gun away!



my superfun result



It's a cool belt to balance out a romantic outfit! 
What do you think, my fashion geniuses?


Anyway, my cute little pumpkins, I hope you found this post interesting and decide to try it yourselves!
  If you do, please remember to be careful and take care of your little fingers! 
Also, I hope you know, I always think about you and if I have made some of you wait too long, I'm sorry, It's been a crazy week filled with dancing.

 Take care and take care of people around you!

 Always yours, though sometimes a few centimeters above the ground, 


  1. OHHH, I also noticed this unique belt - it has become such a cult in a fashion blogger world now! Love your take on it, you did an absolutely fantastic job!

    P.s. Fabulous pictures, fabulous post, thank you! :3

  2. Where can i see the pictures for fall 2013 and get some outfit ideas?

    Love this diy belt, will try it out def!!

    I would love to see more diy and your outfit ideas for summer and fall.


  3. Thanks for the comments! :)
    This is where I usually check out all the newest pictures http://www.style.com/, but you can see them on many different sites, as well.