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Heya, my sun-kissed miracles!
  When running into some of my friends at Old Riga few nights ago and seeing their surprise by seeing me there, I understood I haven't properly blasted out anything about myself here lately, which seams weird because I write mostly about myself (I'm just so fabulous). 

WHAT I MEAN... khkhem... is about what I have been up to lately and some of those, who follow me on twitter or instagram may already tell by my profiles I'm safe and sound and happy to be back at home... in Latvia. It's been massively hot here, which I, personally have zero complains about, I have been trying to be positively inspired by everything around me and sketch a little, wondering around in my creative ways(how poetic!).

I've been telling everyone that when I come home and when all of my sewing, designing or any sort of projects will be done for a while, I will be at peace, but quite frankly, I could not have been further from the truth. My mind is like a party with high bees in it, seriously it's trippin there, guys! Which(this has an actual point, stop stressing) will lead to most likely many more creative and crafty posts to come. 
As I'm turning 20 soon, I want my readers to get a present too (because I'm such a giving person), which will be a very, very cool DIY project. 

So, stay on the radar,  beautifuls!
And good luck on your busy exam times! I still believe in you!

Always yours, with my trippin bees and craziness,

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