With Flowers in Her Hair


Heya, my dear sunshines!
It's me, I'm alive... sort of. After my 10 hour nap I can finally see and think straight! It's been a crazy week of intense sewing and here it is - my first dress ever, my 3rd sewn garment ever ever!

As someone who has little to almost no understanding of pattern making and logic to when it comes to sewing, I began designing my dress only guiding myself by inspiration. I knew I wanted tucks and I knew I wanted cutouts, what I didn't knew that as always, I had put too much on myself.



To start with, I had chosen to do tucks... not vertical ones, not horizontal ones, but diagonal ones (oh nonononono)! This meant extra work on my pattern creation and extra work when sewing! 

Once again, as a beginner I didn't think of the bias (I know, I know, I 'll cut it with the sewing stuff soon) and as sometimes that would come in handy, the stretch the proportion of my tucks created made it almost impossible to sew them straight, not to even mention connect them at the ends, BUT, I did it! and maybe it was my little experience, that didn't scare me and made me keep going.

The further I went with my project, the more I enjoyed it, I never had done anything like this before. Yes, I was tired, yes, I was grumpy and Yes, the deadline was scaring me into grey hair, but hey, I was... yoloing.
AND, my love bunnies, even though I did complicate it with my details, I managed to finish it just one time, on the one sunny Scottish day in the whole year!




We went outside and it was beaaaaaautiful, I immediately wanted to stop everything I was doing and just spend the whole day taking pictures! AND as you, my beautifuls, already know, I am crazy for spring and even crazier for daffodils...  So I had to have flowers in my beautiful Estonians hair!


In the end, I hope you guys enjoyed it and no matter where in the world you are, you got the bit of my spring in your room.

So, go on and pick the hardest tasks, shoot for the stars or whatever they, overly optimistic people say, and most importantly, never give up on your dreams!

Always yours, though, a bit out of batteries,

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