Closet sale

Heya, my beautifuls!

 As for me, my stressful exam time is over and the summer break has officially started - I have plenty of time on my hands that I can spend for example on.... finally cleaning out my 2 closets! Yes 2, I need 2 of those...

So... when I was flying from Scotland to Latvia and back and then when I had to pack up all of my stuff I had in my dorm to move to my new house in the Scottish land, I noticed... there is actually so much stuff I never wear anymore or in fact have ever worn at all. So this clothing, this mean, mean clothing is just lying there and taking away space of the other clothing I could be possibly wearing (because in my imagination i have endless stock of fabulous cloth, stop judging!).

 Also, I believe this clothing feels very sad not being showed to public, forever trapped in my  closets, knowing there might be some beautiful ladies out there longing for something that I posses, just for now.


So... these shoes I have never worn, ever! Simply because of the fact that they weren't the ones I ordered and as bit lazy person I sometimes can be, I didn't send them back and exchange for the shoes I actually ordered.

_MG_9304 copy

They are size 6 UK,  39 EU and the height of the heel is 11, 5 cm. They can be yours for 6 LS.

_MG_9314 copy

This skirt has traveled all the way from US and same with the shoes have never been worn either.
They are size M and are from Forever21, if you like these romantic ones to be yours you can have them for 4 LS.


Cute black zip on the back.


So my fabulous readers, if any of these ones fell into your heart and you want to wear them, email me on elegancelies@gmail.com or write me on elegance lies newly made twitter profile ELEGANCELIES!

I hope you all are good and for the ones who are battling their exams right now - Keep on going, I know you can do it!

Always yours,

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