Windy Vintage Saturday


Yoyoyigadiyo, my loyal readers!
 As you can see, my beautifuls, spring has finally come to our little town called Latvia, and it's only natural that you and I, guys, have been dying to go out, get ourselves Lattes to go and walk around of the pretty Riga streets or any kind of streets of that matter. Luckily, for me and many spring lovers this past Saturday a little Vintage event, same as the spring, came by the town in the artist centre called Totaldobže that is located in the old, former VEF factories.
As I had never been in this place, because A - I get lost easily by myself, (even in Riga) and B -I spend most of my time in a place called Scotland, It was very interesting to see what the so called hip people of Riga have occupied now. 


It was possible to see that the old walls carried more stories than any Harry Potter book in our bookshelves, and that maybe, quite possibly, this way, old and rusty, the building was more beautiful.
Another thing interesting for someone like me was the crowd -  Latvians, to my mind, people that usually take precessions before "jumping in", instead of the natural vintage craze I've seen in UK,  were much more modest and took time to go and really check out the stock.
Well, except the tiny part of the public. Little kids!

As the event was meant not only for the fashionistas and explorers of older kind, but also the little spring miracles aka kids, it was fun to see them running around the old VEF building by their mum or dads hand and having A BLAST.  For a second I wanted to be their age!


Another fashionable vintage admirer.


As always, I have to creep on some stylish people! Sorry, weakness...



Tiny vintagers having fun, printing on their garments


me having fun because it's spring, it's windy and my bear is beside me


So this is it! I'm going or rather... flying with the wind, what comes - comes!
Hope you guys enjoyed one of my springful posts!

Please take care, wear warm clothing and scarfs, because wind can be tricky!

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P.S. I'm mowing to a new house in September and selling out a big part of my closet, many of the stuff I've never worn. So keep posted, I will basically give stuff away! :)

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