Fashion and I, true love story

Hello, my beautiful wonders!

 I'm back home with my family and my bear, glad to have a few weeks off on my spring break, before I return to Scotland. Though, it's been wonderful to be home, life doesn't stop to let you rest even for a second, and with all that has happened to me in a past week, it only seamed fitting for me to write something personal, instead of just informing you about beautiful things around me.

I was asked in my last post from one very beautiful person to, if possible, tell you about how I and mister fashion met each other, and how we both keep intriguing each other to keep up this healthy relationship of ours.  :) Though it may seem very easy for one to tell others why exactly they've chosen to do something specific (f. a. I liked planes, so I decided to fly; I wanted to help people, so I became a doctor etc) it was never so simple for me.

ouuuh.... And this will most likely end up being a long read, so if you came here for the regular pretty picture post, I will ask you politely to go, make yourself a tea cup, and spend your time elsewhere, thinking about me and fairy babies. 

but if you do like a bit long, somewhat nostalgic reads, go on, make yourself a tea cup, start reading and imagine me giving you a proud hand shake for still having enough minutes in our busy everyday lifestyle to actually... read.

photo 2

I guess, I always had a liking for beautiful things. Visual things. I was the type of kid, who would run around the playground, with the biggest smile on their face, with my green dungarees on and just taking everything beautiful around me in, saving, stocking it away in my memory, in case I would need it someday. Strange, that all of my past memories have no sound, I only remember pictures, tiny details.
 I remember my mums oversized jumper with  big red strawberries on it( 90ies style, fun times), I remember my neon pink leggings which I wore when I pretended to be Britney Spears. Things like that. Beautiful things like that.

photo 3

We were poor, my mum and I, but it never stopped my mum from dressing me in the most weirdest and cutest 90ies kid outfits out there. I don't know how she did it, but I had so many outfits in my closet, Suri Crouise could be jealous. 
 I would have 2 or 3 favourite dresses that I begged my mum to let me wear.  Then if she said yes, I would just walk up and down the corridor of our tiny, tiny apartment, showing off my beautiful dress, thinking I was in a completely different place and time. 
I guess, from an early age I learned, that in my colourful imagination and while wearing something fabulous, I could be anyone I wanted.

Years went on, and my liking for beautiful things didn't stop. Throughout my teenage years my hair would be in every possible colour, remember it being blonde, blue, purple, ginger... everything you can imagine. By one time, I actually had a very emoish looking pink hair strip in my hair. Uh, the times. 
I was also big on everything artsy, I played piano, sang in many choirs, danced and so on, but what I really always wanted to do was draw... Having all these beautiful things in my head, wanting to come out, but not possible, because, my darlings, my drawing was s....ugar. :P

And so I moved on to many other alternatives,  I tried photography and I loved it, though it didn't seam so natural to me as drawing would.
By editing pictures I became interested in Photoshop and Illustrator, and out of a sudden all of my drawing disabilities were gone. I would spend many hours by Photoshop doing really good graphics and images and the more time I spent on it, the better I got. By one point, my family thought I was a weirdo, spending all my time by a computer with a pink hair strip and OUH, such a horrible attitude. I remember the fights... World War III, has nothing on me.

I didn't know by then, but looking back, I can say, it stimulated my eye for visionary things, things that look good together and things that don't. And I became interested in magazine layouts and editing.
By one point I wanted to study graphic design for games, because I'm somehow into gaming, not because it might be interesting, but because some of the visionary things in some of the games, are remarkable (SEE GUYS, STILL NO FASHION).

So, somehow one day, I decided I'm not going to buy myself a big box of expensive Latvian truffles (oh, my beloved truffles) , and bought myself a Vogue magazine, which had a very interesting cover (Again, with the visionary). As I quickly flicked through the pages, not interested in the content of it, but the images and layout, I understood, that this could might possibly be what I want to do.
Little did I know, working in that sector of fashion is like running on the wheel in a hamster cage.

When I first went through google, searching what are these people, what is the name of their profession and where can I study that, I found out there are many other possibilities for visionary crazies like me, and I kept that at the back of my mind, knowing it will be fashion I study, but not which specific sector exactly.

AND, once again, same as with photography and graphic design, I started investigating. I applied for internships and I wrote to many "latvian fashion people" to give me an opportunity to learn. I did learn, good and bad things, but I won't talk about it now, since you guys are probably already shutting off. GET YOUR ATTENTION TOGETHER!

So, I told my parents. And their faces were probably the most remarkable I've ever seen. I still remember that conversation!

-Mum, dad, I want to study fashion!
-So, you want to be a designer?!
-No, I want to make beautiful, visionary things!
-So, a seamstress?
-NOO, in magazines and advertising!
-So, a journalist?!

Yeah, you can imagine, for a newbie like me, it was hard to explain. Gladly, I have a very supportive family, that knew I was weird and would never do economics or any of that normal people c...cave.
AND, I had a fairy Godmother, who lives in USA, which actually wanted me to be a stock genius, go to Yale and kick ass. LIKE FOR REAL!

So, she thought, she will put me in my summer courses and "give me a test run". Thinking I will be horrible, and proving her right, that I need to do economics and smart people stuff. Like NO!

Little did I and others know, I loved everything and did greatly at all of my summer fashion courses, I met amazing new people, I explored NY, and I actually became more interested in fashion.
By the end of one of my courses in fashion forecasting, which we spent taking pictures of New-Yorkers and making a portfolio, my godmother would pick up the portfolio, curious to see what I've done in the past week.

She flicked through every page with a steady patience and a serious face. By the end of the last page she looked at me and I could see she had tears in her eyes. I was nervous she is going to say, I've waisted her time and money and are absolute c... at this.

But it was actually the opposite, she said - I never knew you were this good,  you are meant to do this and I will do anything to help you get there.
You can imagine my joy, when finally someone understood!

So... time went by, I applied for many universities, to do a course in either fashion marketing or fashion technology, and I got accepted to all of them.

By this point, I don't know what I want to do! Good thing about the subject I'm studying - It's very technical and very wide in the range.
Also, another thing I know, after I graduate and possibly get a job, I will get a bachelor in graphic design for video games, that would be my version of kid in the candy shop.

ALSO, I know you are all amazing, because you read through this.

AND, I know, that if you are passionate about something and keep exploring, eventually you will come by the one thing you love and want to do. Or many things, in my case. Not that it is a problem, my dear explorers! the more the merrier, they say...

And in the end, on top of the very beautiful spring day we have outside...

photo 4

this little Santa!

I hope you, my amazing readers, had fun reading this!
Never stop exploring and looking for beautiful things!

Always yours,

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  1. And here I thought about going to sleep, pshhh. Screw waking up early to start the last workday of the week, I'd rather read the latest entry and admire you even more!

    And once again I can't express enough positive words about you, your personality, your dreams and your way of living this beautiful life! I admire you, oh, I admire you so much!

    After your post about the fashion industry in Latvia, I started to actually listen to what you have to say. I can still remember those feelings clear as day - you opened my eyes, my heart and mind, because, quite opposite from your story, I was never without pencils in my hands as I grew up. And you know what I was always drawing? Sketches of clothing designs - I wanted to become a fashion designer sooo badly! Sadly, my parents did not approve of my wild imagination and stocks upon stocks of papers with colorful designs. So, now I'm no stock genius and I am not kicking no behinds in Yale, I'm just a regular muggle with a huge imagination and appreciation for beautiful things, because let's face it, life is beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing this, you can't even imagine how much your brightened my evening.

    I wish you all the best and know that I am always here, reading and looking, smiling and admiring you, just like your Fairy Godmother!

    Keep on going, Darling, you're going to move mountains!