creations of a beginner


Heya, my little sunshines!
I promised you a while ago, I would show you a tiny bit of what I've actually sewn together, as I felt very proud it wasn't me, but an actual piece of fabric. But to be honest, same as with my sketches, I grew very insecure about them and feeling like that, same as sewing, is a new territory for me.

BUT, as you are so supportive and understanding and, furthermore, encouraging, I have to show you what has come out of those many hours hitting, swearing and crying beside my sewing machine.


Looking at these, I will always know this was how I started to learn about stitches and garment production and with all those tiny mistakes, all those many hours unthreading and sewing again, it is me learning the things I love, and not coming off as a person which knows everything (in small groups of people, we may refer to these kind of people as smartasses :D ). 


Some of you, that might facebook stalk me (I know you are out there, little investigators), may have seen some of these photos already, as I may have been too tempted at the start to show them to everyone. I have to say, I love, love this skirt, not because it has a remarkable design or anything, but because it is my...first...wearable...garment... WOAH! and the fabric bag in 6th grade doesn't count.

So, I hope you guys like it too, and find it having, somehow, a piece of me in it.


(Ouh, and these little study things may look awesome and everything, but let me just tell you one thing - I spent the whole weekend hand attaching them, where by the end my nails were ruined and I coulnd't feel my fingers anymore. :D Just a little fashion sacrifice)

bbtrousers copy

Sooooooo.... the first semester was over, I and hundreds of other first years went home happy, able to put these past adventures behind us. BUT then came the second semester, in which we had to make a pair of trousers in a way shorter time - logic...
So the swearing, throwing any kind of objects around and crying, begun again, but i have to say, I again, managed to sew not me to the sewing machine, but the actual trousers together. Just think of that! 

So here is my amazing Estonian friend, turned into a dude, dancing around in my trousers.


_MG_8691 copy


So here it is, little adventures of a beginner! I hope you guys liked it, hope you do not think I am a total lamer by showing you these and hope that wherever you are, you have your goals at being better at something and the little difficulties you have to face, are not stoping you! 

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear warm socks! Once again...

Always yours,


  1. Oh, Agita, I can only imagine what kind of emotions you were going through, when the idea of posting your first creations popped into your head! I can only express a huge gratitude for you doing so, because I'm fascinated! You have no idea how much you inspire me with all of this! Can I ask you something, if it's not too much? How about you do a Blog post about your passion - why and how you became interested in fashion and are you the next female version of Elie Saab (No offence here, I simply adore his creations and the femininity of them!)? What are your goals, your dreams and will we be able to read and see them all here, on your Blog?

    Much, much love, Darling! You are headed in the right direction!

  2. Ouh, thank you for the lovely comment! No offence taken, Elie Saab is amazing! And it is a very good question, I'm glad you are interested about how all of my fashion craze started, most definitely will blog about it soon!

    Thank you again, beautiful!
    Nice to hear it from someone, who, also, is not afraid to follow their dreams! :)