out of my comfort zone (my sketches)

Heya, my dear nevergiveupers! 

As per usual I've been absent for the blogosphere and only done my deed by silently creeping at other blogs, I know... 
I've been wanting to show you some of my sketches from the last semester since forever, but to be honest, I'm very, very shy about them, because I think they genuinely and completely - SUCK

 I guess every one os us is sort of unsure about the things they care about and take care of them extremely preciously. Well, this is me with everything creative I do. So please, don't shout at me that I should go and stick my paint brush... back at the drawer. (no pun intended) 
 Or if you do like them, please tell me so, don't just creep, you weirdos, so I can show you some more.

 But by far, these are a few of my illustrations and colour experimentations and no, that is not a unicorn that has puked a rainbow on my sketches.



20121113_202327 copy 2



I hope you did enjoy some of it and that my long hours spent cursing at the white paper pages have not been completely pointless.

And,my beautifuls, be brave, even with the things you are unsure about!

Always yours,

P.S. You,guys, have no idea how difficult putting these out is.

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  1. This is the best thing in the world!!!!!!!! Love your blog! You should get paid for this!!!!!!