Now This Is Vintage Shopping!


Heya, my dear spring miracles! 
I've been dying to tell you all about the events of my last weekend, but as may some of you know, this was the last week of uni and all the deadlines came knocking on my small dorm room. On top of everything, I got the nastiest cold! Yes, my timing is remarkable, I know it, guys! 
BUT, it didn't stop me, nonononono... We cray cray people always keep rolling. 

Anywaysowhateverhow, I'm now in my room with a wam cup of very sweet coffee, I'm worry free for a while now and I can give my time to you, my little sunshines. So, here it goes!!!!


As one of the perks I get by living in this green place is the occasional "good vintage shopping" that is nothing compared to what we call vintage shopping back home. I have to start with the location, which to me seamed perfect - big high ceiling arena with burgundy walls and fairy lights coming from the ceiling - like that's what! Filled with many, many racks of vintage clothing, starting from little 20ties dresses to big fur coats that carry their own stories in their pockets -  fascinating! 

You walk in, and the Dj on the stage is rocking the good old hits, which immediately puts you to ease. I know, world has a tendency to hate on hipster people, but if it means that while I shop I get to listen to You know you got it when it makes you feel good instead of starships were meant to fly, screw it, I'm with the hipster. :D

So, take a look at what and who I saw!

_MG_8448 copy

One of the sellers rocking a fabulous embellished dress 


those lamps were on sale as well


one of many well dressed vintage shoppers I decided to creep on 


 and another fabulous girl, rocking a coat she had just bought in the vintage fair.

_MG_8465 copy

Hope you guys liked what you've seen!
And if the spring wind blows you to my town, check out http://www.facebook.com/edinburgh.vintageevents?fref=ts, there might be some cool vintage shopping coming your way.

Drink a lot of ginger tea and crack some c vitamin with it!
Stay away from the bad colds and wear warm socks!
And go be fabulous, my little birds!

Always yours,


  1. Oh, Agita, such a fabulous post; makes me want to fly over just for the event! Did you get something for yourself too?

  2. Thank you, glad you liked it! :) Got myself a blue velvet skirt, will probably write about it soon, as well.

  3. You' re awesome, keep it up!