Heya beautifuls!
 It's getting awful lot of Chrismasy in my little town and everyone already has their decorations out, but somehow I'm not in the mood yet. To be really honest, I haven't even thought about Christmas for a second, like really given it a thought  (by that I mean, listing up gift to do lists and listening to "Jingle Bells" in full volume). It just somehow doesn't seem right. And I blame it on the a-a-a-alco... just kidding, I'm blaming it on not being home, like HOME-home.

Also, the past few weeks have been crazy - to give you a little insight on how crazy imagine a stressful Duracell bunny on Red Bull and pencil in their hands - that's me. not even kidding.

I've been trying to show you, my little miracles, this through instagram, but instagram is not very friendly with my phones internet connection, so this will have to do. Creative thinking is really getting the best of me, when in nights all that puts me to bed is a little bit of that 10 hour White Noise in youtube (hallelujah to that) and my thumbs are not feeling anything anymore, after 2 long days of attacking my skirt with studs.
But, BUT... don't let my whining give you the wrong impression, I love this bit of a sadism. :)

I've also done a little shoot with one of my friends in my final project's skirt and I want to show you my sketches as well, so consider this a little prologue of the posts to come.

  IMG_1663 IMG_1665

IMG_1675 IMG_1673

IMG_1674 IMG_1666

 In the end, I hope you all are okay and that it's not too cold wherever you are.

Always yours, though a bit more busy,
Agita V.

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  1. Such a fantastic post!! I am a huge Instagram addict and your images are so pretty - they have a great atmosphere :)

    Lots of love,

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