Photo Diary: Part-time Home

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Hello, cuties!
I hope your weekend was great and you are not too sad about the work week starting once again. I know this may be an annoying period of time, the long pre-christmas wait, but that is why the autumn gives us all the colours, right? 

I remember telling you about living in The Greenest Place(aka Land of Scots) in the world and now I got the opportunity to show you some of it. I couldn't wait for Bear to bring me my camera, so I got myself a simple, single use one and made some people feel awkward with it. Despite that I took some pictures of the superscary but at the same time amazing workshop of ours, where every friday with shaking hands I pretend I can sew, ha...  It's week 7, fashion students still think I'm one of them. 

AND, I hope you noticed the green and the colours, because mister autumn is really trying and it is pointless if we just walk by it, uncaringly. 

So, beautifuls, I hope you got a sort of an idea of the place that will be my part time Home for 4 years and that maybe I tempted some of you to come and visit me for a while. I do miss my full-time home a lot, but this is definitely a fun place to live in, and as Bear mentioned to me -  It feels like you live in a LOTR scene most of the time.

Miss you all a lot, hope you all are well and warm!

Always yours, 

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