Photo Diary : How I got a visit from a Bear

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Hello my, beautifuls!

Right now I am in one of those moods where all you want is to cuddle up in a bed with hot chocolate, put the good old Notebook on, look into Ryan Goslings gorgeous eyes and be all like - "crying my eyeballs out", but NO. That is not what we have going on here! 

Sooooo... I am telling you all about my past week, because 
A - I promised I'm going to be more active; 
B - I have my babysweetlittlecutiethingy camera with me (yeey!!)
C - I really need to keep myself busy(and doing actual uni work is just too mainstream)


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Once on the October 12th, excetly after 37 days or 888 hours since I left to live in the wilderness aka Scotland, I got the worlds most amazing visit from my own personal Bear, which was quite an anticipated event from both parties. And like in every good story it started with a long journey. Some flew, some took trains(in plural, indeed) and after almost all day of journeying the destination was reached. 

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So, as all good explorers, we decided to aim high and go explore Scotlands capital(which is superextremely pretty) and after a train ride during which Bear took pictures of every possible mountain he could spot we finally reached Edinburgh (Edinbrhaaaa - that's the way Scottish people say the name of their capital).

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Look, fabulous Bear is fabulous. :)

we took a lot of pictures and most of them was with each others heads or ears or feet, just so we wouldn't look too touristy, because well... we kinda did. Bear was still trying to find mountains (I think it might be tall a people thing), while I was thinking about going all "Confessions of a Shopaholic" on the Princess Streets shops, but it actually turned out that Bear did the most shopping. Boohooo


we loves coffeees


So, after a weekend spent in Edinbrhaaa we came to my now so called Home. :) As I told you before, beautifuls, it's a very little, but lovely place and it didn't come to me as a surprise, that Bear loved it here. PLUS - It wasn't raining so we went for one of our long walks.

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T-4-2 is my favourite Galashiels place ever ever, so I had to take Bear there, because a good cake has to be appreciated by many.

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we looooveees cakess





we looovves not being serious. and by we I mean me, Bear is just being hilarious and I can't stop laughing :)

So cuties, this was my week, It was incredibly nice to finally see my best friend in the whole world, drink tea and eat sweets, laugh so hard its impossible to breath, wear sweaters together and just walk around unknown places. I hope you are not coming up with autumn depression, but if you are then make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, go under a blanket, if possible, take your own Bear, real or teddy, doesn't matter, and if one of you really wants to be calmed by Ryan Gosling, then just this one time put that damn Notebook on :)

I hope you liked my pictures and that maybe they made you smile a bit. Please be careful on slippery surfaces, wear warm socks and try not to be too put down by the grey weather.

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I and Bear...

and mister Autumn...

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...wish you to have a good weekend.

Always yours, 


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  1. It was such a pleasure, reading this post and I am very pleased to see that you're back in action. Awaiting more posts to come!