living in the green

Time goes by quickly, my beautifuls, it does indeed. 

I really can't believe I'm writing this from my new home in Scotland where just in few days I'll be starting my course in Fashion Technology. It's been a long road with ups and downs but in the end, I am grateful to where it has taken me.

Enough with the sentiment,
 I'll give you some details 

I'm studying at Heriot-Watt University and living in Scottish Borders Campus where I've taken up Fashion Technology and plan to study here for 4 full years. Yes, a commitment. I make those.

The school of Design and Textiles is in a lovely little town called Galashiels and even though I thought it's going to be real badsies here, it turned out to be very homey and beautiful. 

Ok, back to the sentiment.

This place has awful lot of green here, sometimes I have a feeling I'm living in St. Patrick's gnomes pocket. Besides, it has a lot mountains and it smells of freedom here, because in my mind, this is the place where the wind lives. The weather, despite the "grey, rainy country" reputation, is beautiful, I've never seen such a lovely autumn anywhere.  My little room is spacey enough and my bed feels like a cloud(and a bed, my beautifuls, is a very important thing in one's life).

I'm really upset I don't have my camera with me, because I would love for you all to see it, but I'll figure something out. This place has so many photogenic places, I could spend my days photographing every little green thing here. Edinburgh is my new crush.

And like every crush, it sometimes can be tricky. Like with this one time when the construction workers decided to start their work day really early. The University and accommodations here are just being re-built, everything's brand new(my room still smells of new furniture) and they are working like crazy, probably because soon this beautiful weather will turn into winter.

Also, my crush, as every crush, makes us change and work harder. By that I mean that I will try and blog as much as I can, because I feel that now I'll have something new to tell other than in my sweet home country where for the past half year the biggest fashion event has been H&M opening. Sad.

To conclude, I feel like you guys would enjoy this just as much as I do, so stick with me and I'll give you full coverage of my university life. I hope we all can grow together and by learning myself I'll be teaching things to you.

Keep save and wear warm clothing, it's getting very autumny.

Always yours,


  1. Gaidu ar nepacietību tavus piedzīvojumu aprakstus ;)
    Un, lai veicas jaunajā vidē ;)

  2. Labs posts un apbrinojama apnemiba lai izdodas sapnotais plus much more.
    Rudens tiesaam smuks liist visu laiku smarzo lapas un hei nav auksti.
    HM sad piekriitu - ja nefiguree hm tusina bildees tevis nav :-)
    Bildeet ar mobilo varbuut nav slikta doma - man ar nav kameras nejuutu vajadziibas varbuut vari taa izliidzeeties