why i just don't feel like blogging

Hello my dear followers and those out there who occasionally drop by elegance lies and find themselves with nothing new to read!

I have to start with - I'm sorry and continue with a few sentences of some things that I've kept close to myself because, well... no normal person around me does really give big c..cup about my opinion on fashion (which is fine :D).

First of all, those who come here because of the pictures and never really read, I strongly advice you to just go back to twitter or Facebook or whatever way better you were doing, because this will most definitely not be interesting for some and, furthermore, some of you may strongly disagree with me, which is also perfectly fine.

Many of you come to me and ask me why I haven't blogged anything new yet and why I've stopped photographing, and to answer that question is never easy, because it is a sum of many, maaaany things altogether.

When I first started and when I first realised I'm interested in this crazy thing called fashion, I looked at it as a sort of a baby, no knowledge of it, no experience at all, however I was determined to find out as much as possible and after 2-3 years I've learned both - good and not so good lessons.
And on this occasion I will talk about those not so good lessons, because they are the answer to the post tittle and I think it is very important that you know it, my beautifuls.

The First thing that struck me is the amount of opportunities in fashion for young people like me, which is close to 0 (I'm not talking about design, because that is the first thing that comes to everyones mind when you say fashion).
What I mean is, although, Latvia is a small country and we have barely 2 m of citizens, it is admirable how many young, smart, driven and interested people I meet who would love to learn and gain experience in fashion styling, fashion marketing, merchandising, textiles, pattern making and many more. So, this is what I find ridiculous - There are no camps, no workshops, no discussion clubs no ANYTHING for such young people like me. There are only 2 ways(advertised) in which you can learn - ēnu diena and fashion week and in both of these occasions I've had only negative experience.

I think it was about 2 years ago I applied to be a shadow in Gints Bude model management to follow their PR person and learn what their job is about. I will forever remember I and 2 more girls sitting on a couch in their office and listening how the person x gossiped about the celebrities and models and the media, not giving us any real  advice or anything about his work. So, I just sat there the whole time, imagining what I will eat for dinner and what show I will watch when I get back home, because I didn't come there to hear which model is a b...buttterfly and which tv channel has done something bad for the company, I came there to be interested in the subject, to be given advice on what a young person like us 3 girls should do if we ever wanted to pursue such career and every single time such question would come to the dudes hearing he would quickly change the subject. SO what was the whole point of it?! What I did learn was if I wanted to gain more experience in this matter I would have to find other opportunities myself( as they are not talked about, advertised or anything) and beg people to give me a chance, which I did.

SOOOO, a few days ago I saw this amazing thing ...


...that immediately made me remember my experience as intern during Riga Fashion Week.
I applied a month before it, because I figured out it's kind of a big event and they will need help no matter what, so I searched the net, like a stalker found an e-mail of someone working in fashion federation that were responsible of the event and wrote my email letter explaining how much I want to help, about my experience in NY and my future plans. Regarding on my many other experiences, I didn't even think my email will be looked at, even so answered, but I did receive my answer with an invitation to be an intern. I can't explain how happy I felt, because I did look at everything as a baby back then and to me it just seemed as something magical.

What did not seem magical at all to me was the things that followed...

I knew very well it's going to be stressful and crazy, but it never came to my mind it is going to be so...unprofessional. The 30 girls that had somehow gotten to be the interns for this fabulous event met together with our 3 bosses only 4 days before the event, where in almost no particular order we were given tasks to do, not even checking which one of us would be good for what, which one of us would be more useful( and i don't think by screaming - WHICH ONE OF YOU ARE FREE ON FRIDAY? is enough background check for the job).

So the few days before were spent cutting paper, giving out invitations, basically doing any little and dirty job that others didn't want to do, which is also again completely fine in my opinion. BUT as I went there to do my little tasks I found myself sitting only between 3-4 girls and the bosses, with their hands full running around like chickens with their heads cut off, screaming about not having enough time. I mean - you have 6 months to prepare for the event, you could have made someone do these little jobs way before the time and for flowers sake, you had 30 girls wanting to help you - where the heck were they now?

And such things like this kept happening - one the day for the big fashion shows to open at Radisson Blu Hotel I had the biggest fashion learning experience in my damn life. By that I was already used to not being told anything and figuring the craft myself as I went(which I also accepted and found completely normal after a while). So, as I came to my work at 8 finishing only at 4 the night before, I was supposed to help with setting up the catwalk, which is in my opinion the most important thing for a fashion show, because all the action happens on it. The thing that struck me first was - I have no experience in this, you give me scissors and a tape and tell me nothing and make me fix it with only 4-5 girls beside me - why are you screaming at me being a 30 something women(which imo is the age when you should already learn how not to act like a teenager) that it is not right and that we won't finish in time. I mean COME ON! You do this for what - 8th, 9th year and you couldn't organise the catwalk to be set at night before when the space is free, not 40 mins before the first show?! And you have done it before, don't you know how many people to put on the job! You are not paying us anyway, so use all of your resources!!

It was completely possible that the 4 girls, including me, were complete idiots and were challenged intellectually, but as it later came to my knowing, that way it happened every year since forever ago.
So yeah...

After this blissful week of fashion I went home with experience and much anger, but same as I felt completely ignored during my fashion week, I didn't feel like people be interested me blogging about it back then.
What did finally put the final touch to my anger was something way after the whole madness. I didn't expect to be payed or to be thanked, and actually I didn't need it, but what I did need was a letter saying I had done my work, I had done it well and I had learned stuff. Something that would only take 20 mins max - to open a new word document, to write 5 sentences with max 10 words in each and sending it to me. That was it. I didn't need it to feed my pride or to show off to my friends, I needed it to add to my university application, which is sort of important... long story short - I didn't get any letter, though I did get offered a place in university, but that's a completely different story.

So, my beautifuls, if such a big fashion house as Oscar de la Renta can appreciate their interns, but our Latvian management can't even write an email saying you've done your job, it makes you think, don't it?

Altogether, this is just a very small part of my reasons not to be so active in this, although my need to learn more, to gain more experience and grow and become something in this industry will never lessen. I still find it fascinating and besides these 2 experiences, I have gained many more, some of them positive, that will completely change the way I work. If I do happen to be someone important one day, they will be a reminder, that even a girl who makes coffee is a part of your work day and she is as equally important as you.

To sum this whole madness up, I want to just say that there are many things not right in Latvian fashion, and I could write a whole book on my observations, so I am apologising once again if some of you thought of this being a waste of time, but it is important for me.

Just to put it out there, this doesn't mean I won't blog anymore, though, I can't promise I'll do it actively.

AND - thank you everyone who find elegance lies interesting and misses it! I appreciate your kind words :)

Take care and never give up on your dreams!!!!

Always and forever yours,


  1. Interesting material to read! I admire your determination! And besides all, now I am completely sure that, I think, almost Nothing is organized or set as it must be, here in our little town called Latvia!

  2. I totally agree with you. If there were some oportunities in LV you and others wouldn't go abroad to study!
    And RFW - please, it is such a bull, same models, same mistakes, same misunderstanding...

  3. The only thing I've got to say is... GREAT!

    Now You know the things that don't work. And the way you write about them means, that this bothers you. So the only thing to do now is... drum-roll please... CHANGE THEM

    Good luck and have fun doing that :)

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback and actually reading the post, but there will never be any good change in Latvia if the "important people" doesn't get educated in the matter and right now it isn't provided in good old Latvia.

  5. Jā, tā ir, BET ir jācīnās!!! :) Ja zini kļūdas - mācies no tām un gāz savus kalnus!

  6. You never was an intern only volunteer and there are big difference between thous two so you were just another girl interested in fashion and it is possible that your e-mail did't impress them to contact you at all and see what you like. Insted of complaining how bad it was make someting yourself. Fashion is not just dress up like fashion icon but you are in it 100% start with art and crafts, like design your own stuff not just buy and remake them. So insted of talking shit you should at least know in your age that only bad experience help you get someting, because it tests your interest in it and how much you would do to get it. Good experince only spoils you and you are piece of crap in the end. So you should get someting good from bad.

  7. I am happy that you you know my work tittle better than me, and I think the few people that could actually say that for sure are either me or the people that accepted my "volunteering", and if one of my bosses would go as low as writing that comment, I seriously have lost all my decent believe in professionalism(and as I do have a little believe the people working in that industry are not that stupid) , so this just leaves with someone not brave enough to put a name to a comment and saying stuff with no actual proof.

    To answer to your statement saying "I didn't impress them to contact me" when they contacted me whenever they were in a need of a "volunteer" during RFW and when they actually promised to write the letter, I don't really see where you are coming from and once again have zero sense to what you are stating.

    Thirdly, it's sad that your knowledge of fashion circles only about design and "art", which I didn't even talk about in my post, but if you'd like to get more educated, I would surely write one post just for you, dear :)
    I am not stating that I am wise or all knowing in fashion or fashion industry, never has looked at myself that way, so I never has thought of myself as an expert in some speciality and I won't till I actually go and study and learn something, rather then most of the people in Latvia who think they are big shots, scream out their beliefs with no serious background(this ones about you).

    And just to conclude, I wasn't talking shit, when I actually do have an actual experience and I want people to know about it and learn as I did. In my post I never complained about going through these experiences because it taught me that if I want to succeed in this career in Latvia I will often have to face such arrogant and uneducated people as you. :)

    And in future, if you want comments as such to be published, I strongly advice you to get a "face", because I believe you are in that age to know to stand by your words and beliefs.

    Take care,
    AgitaV :)

  8. hei ir labi pateikt to kp domaa un juut un tas tak ir blogs vai ne....dazhreiz vienkaarshi shkjiet ka neesam iistajaa vietaa un laikaa un ka one day one day :) bet jaa sliktaa pieredze varbuut ir veids kaa visu veerst par labu kkad lasiiju par LFW cik bullshit taa bijusi saakumaa ha ha haa... pauaudzhu nomaina ggan jau vienmeer vai varbuut n viuienmeer ja arii neaak par labu tad varbuut izmainaas kkas...cerams ka uz augshu...bet man pat ir sajuutas ka visi shie masu pasaakumi ir sevi atkalpojushi visas taas modes nedeeljas un paareejais - shkjiet ka nemaz tas viss vairs nav real varbuut ar nekad nav bijis un pat visi tie alternative pasaakumi ir tie pashi uz kuriem tie pashi visi iet un nekas alternative nav...varbuut ne tikai laiks saturam mainiities bet arii formai...galvenais ka ir emocijas tev par to visu ....:) un jaa parasti blogus nelasu,,,

  9. Šādas atklāsmes ir tieši tas, kas ļauj paskatīties uz lietām un to kārtību no citas puses. Šādi brīži rada domu skaidrību un nostāju -- liek visam izskatīties īstāk un patiesāk. Saprast, ka neviens nav lielāka autoritāte par tevi pašu, ir labākais, kas var būt.

    Lūdzu raksti un mēs turpināsim lasīt!

  10. ..lielisks rakstinu , man japiekrit tavam teiktajam ..Snobisms Lv ir kaut Kas neatkartojams..