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Hey, hey my sweeties! It's been a long time since I've posted pictures with what I might be wearing and the main reason for that is the amazing weather outside. If you live in a cold country like I do and you tend to spend time outside, it's only natural you will search for the most comfy and warm piece of clothing, which is what I do and why lately everything I wear has become more comfortable and boring rather than fashionfashiony.

although throughout years I've learned to hate leggins(and I will regret saying this) but I LOOOVE them during wintertime and with my amazing sweater collection which seems to manifest especially during cold seasons, it's what i absolutely love to wear and with the right colours and accessories it can end up looking fashionable :D 

to add to that, I must suggest you girlies to go out and buy a jean shirt, i know it sounds scary and also i know it's been trendy for quite a time now, but it came to me as a surprise seeing it's possible to wear it barely with everything. it looks great with simple black leggins( I KNOW), you can use it just as a cover up to something ( as i did here), it looks soooo great with black skirt, especially with maxi and it can be dressed up or down. 

ANYWAYSO, enough with the boring girl clothing talk. 

Hope ya all keeping warm in this stupidcold weather and drink a lot of tea.
 and stay healthy...
 and eat lots of fruits... 

Always yours, 

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