Riga Fashion Week - Part II

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Ouh well, yes! it might be almost more than a month since my other post about the fashion week, but still. in Latvia we say "good comes with waiting", i hope this is the case. :)

Anyway, these photos are from the second day of fashion week happening in Vernisāža, in which TDaniell And Sockbox showed their collections. It's sad to say that I didn't really have any possibility to see these shows myself, firstly, because the little hall was extremely full with people and, secondly, because I was, well, working, but looking at it in a bigger picture, I have no regrets.

To add more, I loved the great opportunity to see the action and the work behind the show, and it will always be more fun to me than the actual result. It's indescribable... Back there is a completely different, crazy, inspiring and unpredictable other world and ,therefore, I like showing you guys the backstage and hope you end up liking it too :)

Hope you're keeping warm in this cold weather!
Always yours,

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