Riga Fashion Week (part I)

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Heya sweeties!

I've missed all of you so much, words can't describe, and I know that you've missed me too, because some of you have been checking my blog day to day and finally, after a long time of waiting, I'm blogging something new.

I can only be really thankful you haven't forgotten about elegancelies and maybe sometimes feel like you need to check it. Doesn't matter if it's 2 or 2002 people, both ways it always makes me smile.
Thank you for your patience and kind words that been said to me about elegancelies.

Anyway, enough with the emotional talk.

As some of you may know, i've managed to get my lazy ass out of home, get an internship at fashion week. I've experienced so much that a whole blog could never sum up the emotions I got from it and maybe it's better that it doesn't...

The first day started with the young designers fashion contest/show at club coyote fly(very unusual location for fashion show) and if some of my careful readers or just fashion freaks have noticed - all of the 4 designers participated in LMA fashion show/movie, which i also wrote about ages ago.

Each designer had a celebrity that they were supposed to design an outfit for, and, though, all of the designers were incredible, the winner of the young designer contest ended up being Iveta Vilne and her amazing dress designed for Ieva Adamss(also looking beyond words in the dress).
I'm very surprised I have nothing but good to say about these 4 brilliant girl designers, probably because of their possibility to be so down to earth, smart in their own field and because of their way of being not too showoffy, which in my opinion sometimes is a problem with Latvian designers.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the pictures and the fact that they are a bit more different than the others i've posted. i just wanted you to have a little bit of my inspirational week and maybe get the bit of the feeling i did(no, i haven't smoked anything).

I think fashion should be watched with our hearts not eyes, as everything in this crazy crazy world. Don't you agree?

Always yours, though, lately a bit more busy,

listening to this awesomness

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