a week in USA - Canada day


my lovely family and friends came to give me big kisses and hugs before I left for the plane to USA.



Soooo I and my godmother with her family drove all the way from Stamford to Canada for or little roadtrip to see Niagara falls and just have a good time.
Little did we know it was Canada day that day and it came to us a surprise to see all the people on the streets partying and celebrating.



A bartender at one of Niagara's bars grew a sympathy on me that night, but I only noticed it when he came by with the Canada flag thing that I have on my head and gave it to me as a Canada day gift. hihi


had a super duper awesome girl night with my godmother


next day was all about being a good tourist, snapping bunch of pictures and staring with excitement at things around us.




my hair again live their own life in wind and go wherever they want


the loveliest sight ever. Niagara falls looks way more beautiful from Canada than US as( at least that's what I've heard). At night we enjoyed amazing Canada day fireworks and the amazing sight at fall from our hotel room.


well, lovelies, I'm in USA now, safe and sound. I'm a bit ill at the moment but I'm trying not to give in and stay chill. It's nicely warm here and I'm sporting shorts and t-shirt all the time.

The time distance doesn't really bother me anymore, and every day is an adventure. I'm happy to be here and I can't wait for my fashion courses to start. It's gonna be fashion, fashion, fashion soon and I'm super excited.
I'm sorry for posting this only now, I had a bit of camera problems, but now I'm back on track and I promise to bore you with every little detail of my USA experience.

I must admit I've been shopping like crazy during the past few days, but hey - girls just want to have a little bit of fun, right?

Well, I am starting to miss my friends and family a bit, but being busy takes my mind off it and doesn't allow me to be home sick at all, so happy is the perfect word for describing the way I feel right now.

Hope you all are great!

Always yours, though, a bit more far away,

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