so, take a chance and don't ever look back.


Went to NYC again today to get to know my friend New York better. At the first we went to downtown to see FIT again and figure out which metro line I should take best. It's very hot in NYC, though sometimes you can get a little breeze there, as well. I packed bunch of long pants and jumpers (true latvian always ready for the cold), but it looks like I'm going to be living in a constant hotness.



my friend( New York) as always being busy


at the end we went to uptown to find the everhiding LIM collage. Did I happen to mention I can't wait for the monday?!


inloveee with my feathery necklace


one of the many lovely stores at 5th avenue. the first time I could actually say window shopping is enough ( though it isn't :D)





my superpositive fortune :)

(wearing bik bok skirt, lindex top, forever21 necklace, H&M ring)

well, folks. New york is tiring as hell, but incredibly fun. The subway isn't such a big struggle, it's almost the same as UK and people are nice, so I'm not at all nervous for monday to come, just excited. The monday in front of me looks like a big rush, but after that I can chill a bit and not run from FIT to LIM. I already see myself very tired at the end of the day in a train back to Stamford, but you know what? - I need that tired in me. Nothing can really hold me back from going to my fashion courses and experiencing New York city. My cold has lessened, I'm feeling great and I'm enjoying my time here.

Keep hoping, working, studying, always be prepared for life, because you may never know when it will put in your hands the biggest piece of gold AND when you got it, never ever lose it. Hold it with your both hands, foots, teeth - EVERYTHING!

Always yours,

listening to The Script - Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)

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