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Hey, sweeties! I'm sorry I've been absent but that's the way it is when you get into busy New Yorker life and you turn the New York rush on.

This is part of my first project of trendspoting during which I had to go to parts of New York on a little trend hunt. I never thought street photography could be that much fun. Now I get it why they call it hunting. It is, indeed, a hunt, just the result is not the kill, it's what you've collected.

Since I can't show you my lovely baby - trendspoting journal, I've decided to post my work on my blog and maybe seek some inspiration, as well.

This is one of my favorite groups, it shows women who are actually starting to look like women again, not like party girls full of acid. I love the whole sensuality and femininity, and I see a lot of women and girls just taking and sporting it simple. That's how fashion is. It goes from mini, to super mini, to mid length and maxi and back again. It is good to be romantic once again, love letters, chocolate, slow dancing songs. and on top of that a hot breeze moving the flowy skirt. It's a look of a time.

Miss you all!
Always yours,

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