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Hey, dear readers! It's been a very busy week, because my 11th school year is close to an ending and basically it's the most intense time of the year, so I'm really sorry for the little amount of posts this week.

To compensate my absence I'm posting this very, very small shoot with me that I did a few days ago. I fish I could actually post more pictures, but these ones were taken by my house, so the photgrapher, obviously, was my little brother. He is amazing, but when it comes to photographing, he is very impatient, so these are the very few pictures in which I actually have my head in the frame. :)

Hope the rainy days in Latvia haven't brought you all down!

Promise an outfit post soon!

(that day I was wearing zara lace skirt, marc o'polo t-shirt, bik bok leggins, reserved high knee socks)

Always yours,


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