Zanete Auzina - RFW day 2

I hate myself for being so busy, a hectic week it was... finally I am able to sit down and write.

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and then came the second day... On which I was once again happy to see a fashion show, this time by a designer Žanete Auziņa.

The show opened with a very strong outfit showing that the collection is going to have the statement the designer was talking about. The first dress itself, with the heavy top, but the long, beautifully flowing bottom created at least to me an impression of an unique dark creature, but not an outworldy one, thought the length of the skirts, dresses and pants made it seem they were flying.

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To me it didn't seem depressive, but it did feel very serious and mostly grown up. Models were cowered up from head to toe like they knew the secret of being mysterious. The design and the dark colours were tempting to look at, because of the clever way of showing ability to be beautiful - by being covered up, by being a story that you have to read twice to start to understand.

It was all long dresses, long skirts, mostly long sleeves and buttoned-up necks. Ouh, and my favourite of all, the long pants...

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Whilst being mysterious and a bit tuned down, it doesn't mean the collection lost the colour. The way of chosing the greens and dark purples was fascinating, because by looking at it first you can't really figure out is it greyish blue or bluish green.

IMG_0894 copy

IMG_0898 copy

Also, what seemed interesting to me, was the formal jacket mixed together with bit of dramatic and flowing bottom, which moved on a way of it's own. The movement of the free flowing fabric gave the collection a life.

And if it would be my way - I'd put a business woman in the 2011 a/w colletion of Žanete Auziņa. Make her wear those dresses just when she's wanting to be mysterious and show the world she has the mind of her own - the one that you just can't figure out.

Picture 267 copy

And that is all from the fashion week. I had a great, great time again. Had the experience of sitting in a front row and being important, feeling the fashion inspiration once again and just having a great time with my dear Dita. I might soon have to hire her as my blog photographer, just because I made her work big time during the fashion week :) The last picture is from my friends bd party to which I ALSO had to rush to.

Keep rushing..after your dreams, my dear readers!

Always yours,
Agita V.

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