Strawberry shoes and flower skirt


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Another amazing day is here! Spring has not only brought the sun back, it has also brought back my stupid "iminlovewitheverything" smile. I can't sit at one place longer than 30 minutes, can't keep my hands and legs calm, you might get a feeling I am on some kind of drug... Isn't it the most amazing time of the year? :)


Figured it's been a long time since I've worn my strawberry converse shoes when found them put far, far away from any daylight. That was when I felt they needed to meet Riga streets and go out for a walk with me. Funny, how used to the only shoes I felt like wearing was converse ones, so had many of them and I still can't just completely forget about them. I sometimes wonder how things can be so dear to us that it is impossible to let them out of our hands...

Hope you all are enjoying the spring as much as I do!
Can't stay in a room any more longer, spring's calling me out!!!

Always yours,

P.S. The lovely pictures are taken by my friend Dita. She is fabulous.

(wearing H&M skirt, converse shoes, abercrombie & fitch top)


  1. You look fantastic.

  2. Picture No3 is my favorite! You look a few years younger.

  3. Nice pictures of Spring and you! And it's amazing to win a shoe pair! It would be unbelievable to me, if I just won smthg!