I got her in my pocket

Eh, say hi to my lovely girl Sandra. She's my best babe and altough I don't see her as much as I want to anymore, she's there when I really need her. Whenever she sees me being upset or I tell her I'm not alright, the first thing she asks me is - Who's ass I'm kicking this time?

I could actually say we are very much alike. Even when editing pictures I noticed our faces are very much alike, we even have the same eye colour...green + brown
I had an amazing day with her, we ate big amounts of junk food until we felt sick, watched movies and took bunch of silly photos.

Ouh and the last 3 photos with my big face is taken by her, isn't she just awesome? :)

Take care, sweeties!
Always yours,

listening to Icky Thump - The White Stripes


  1. Jūs tiešām esat ļoti, ļoti, ļoti līdzīgas. Tādas skaistules izaugušas, woaaaah, pilnīgi spēju iedomāties, kas būs pēc vēl pāris gadiem!

  2. wow!!!!
    great style!!
    of course follow u