To my rich Santa

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I promise I've been an extremely good girl, would you please be so kind and bring me one of these precious things on Christmas? Alright, alright... I know even one of those would be over Santa's budget, but a girl can dream... right? :)
So, this is my expensive wishlist for Christmas which I probably won't get but I sure will dream about them till... forever. What is in your Christmas wishlists, dears?

Enjoy the complete coldness outside, only once a year you can freeze your fingers till you can't move them at all.
Always yours,


  1. Redzu topshop mantas. ajj es arī gribu daudz ko. jāuzraksta saraksts blogā! nosūtīšu tev tad liku :D

  2. nav, nav tur nekas no topshop :)
    okidoki, gaidu linku :D

  3. Good stuff! I especially love the blazer and the boots!:D