braid it

Well, it's been in fashion for centuries, but somehow now I feel truly inspired by braided hair. Braided looks has become kinda popular nowadays(like they weren't before), they hit the latest Autumn/Winter runway collections, and lately they can be seen in a lot of photoshoots as well.

To tell you more about the braid, it has some many variaties, it's almost impossible to count. During the Renaissance period and far before, the idea of braid was to make hair easier to take care of and keep it neat, nowadays a braided hair is like another accessory, something that completes your look - froma messy hippy braid to sophisticated braid.

Ah, I think I'm inloveeee! An yeah, that look of a gorgeous braid has followed me(creepy, I know) so yeah, I could say it's my latest inspiration. And ouh, once again I am thankful to have long hair!

ANNND of course, my braided look from class party. Sorry that the picture is.... what it is :D

p.s. I have a new, completely useless photoblog, which lately actually gets more visits then this one. Ironic... http://closertonowhere.tumblr.com/

listening to Kim Taylor - I Am You

Hope you're all good.
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  1. Great blog:)
    I'm also a fan of braided hair.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother?