Are you brave enough to dream?

So many times a thought of life being easier when you are a kid has run into any normal person's head who has ever faced a hard time, big decision or anything that is serious and needs more time thinking over than which tv show to watch. But this is not gonna be about life being easier in any time of our lifes. I've started to realise that such an easy thing as dreaming is a serious difficulty to most of the people nowadays, and it makes me think - HOW SCREWED UP ARE WE?

It doesn't sound like such a big thing - dream? Does it? and most of the people, having read the title of this post, probably thought I have gone mad thinking someone has to be brave to dream. But I think it takes a lot of courage to actually dream, reach out for something that we want, not something that we need to survive, what is easier for us to get. And now, think again. When was the last time you had a big dream?
When was the last time you dreamed for real,not thinking about, how to get it or that it is impossible to reach your dream? When and what was your last, real dream?

So yeah, I remember being a kid, dreams came and went and it was so easy to get something in the head and really, for 100% believe in it. Kids dream of becoming singers, actors, scientists, presidents or astronauts, only later they learn one has to have a great voice to sing, pretty face to be in a well selling movie, have a brain to actually be a scientist, have a good education to be a president and not be afraid of heights to be an astronaut. And as it is always in real life - reality got in a way of dreams.

Ouh, but did we care back then? -Not at all! Running around pretending we had the Whitney Houston's voice, Marilyn Monroe's face and brain of Albert Einstein and so on... So that leads me to a theory that when we were kids, we knew no obstacles, we were free, and with that came the power of being able to dream for real.
And to ones that still believe in the childhood dreams, I owe you a cookie, because a person who can dream with no barriers is a truly free.

So, what I meant to say is... Don't be scared of dreaming, if that is an impossible career, a crush you are scared to talk or a challange that you probably won't ever win, don't be scared of dreaming, because it never hurt anybody...

A man's dreams are an index to his greatness.

- Zadok Rabinowitz

Always yours,

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