like is such a random word

This is one of those days I can't put my thoughts on one subject(or any subject at alll), I tried and tried, and I failed and failed again. And I will try again...

I've come up with not such an original idea of blogging about my top 5 things I like, adore, love, am marrying, buying flowers every friday etc. Basically it's gonna be about stuff I love in a current month and as August is coming to it's end I've got my top 5 thing list ready for ya.

I'll start with the 5th (just to keep the intrigue)...
So this month's my 5th liked thing is...

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne

I got it as a gift, and I have to be honest, this is one of my all time favourite gifts. As a person who very rarely goes crazy for perfume, I found myself definitely inlove with this thing. I have to play a complete blonde here, but as someone who lives in a country where in winter it reaches - 30 C I've never seen or smell an Orange Blossom, and the scent to me at the first reminded of Jasmine(and with a little help of google, I can even say the blossoms look alike).

The 4th is...

Letters to Juliet

Well, with this movie the story is short. It was one of those movies to which you can relate in some sort of a wierd way and, taking me by a big surprise, I was crying like a baby at the end of it, and for a long time afterwards. I sat in my cinema chair thinking that it's not gonna be anything special, and went out of the cinema completely hit out of my normal thinking way. I'm not telling what the movie is about, so no spoilers :) Go and watch it, people!

The Secret: To Teen Power

Well, this is a true mircale of joy... One of my great class mates lended me the book a WHILE ago, and I started to read it already in a winter, but during the summer I've almost finished it. This was a big inspiration to me, I was actually able to learn something from it. I started to read The Secret, first book with the same thought, and well... I couldn't finish it, I got the thought but in a big picture it just didn't catch my attention, but this one... It kept me laughing during the days I thought I might go and start killing people. I'm definitely buying myself a copy... or few.

Ok, so 3 down, 2 more to go and as a book worm I have to say the 2nd one is nothing but a ...

Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

I'm still reading the book, have like 10 more pages to go, and well, it's nothing like all of my crazy wierd books. This is actually a light read I bought a WHILE ago(have no idea why I did it). Well, it is more of a girl read so don't really know how guys will react to it, but after the last book I read The Kiss a memoir of Kathryn Harrison in which she tells about affair with her father, I was kinda relieved to find Innocence in my book shelf.


Diane Birch

Ouh, this girl! She has some serious talent in her pocket and I've been listening to her album non stop since I heard Valentino. Her album came out in 2010, so it's new and completely amazing + I love the way she dress, which of course is a GREAT plus for me :D. Not telling anythimg more, because her music speaks itself.
So, go, listen to her, people! Music nowadays needs people like her :)

Hope you all are good, not very worried about school or any kind of troubles you have, because life is an adventure and no good adventure can be without a rocky road!

Always yours,

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  1. i love that last photo! she's gorgeous :)