chillin, killin, drug dealin

Eeeh, now that I've finally slept more than 2 hours, I can put my thoughts together and write about the trip to Stockholm.

It is 30th may and I wake up 6 hours before the ships leaving time to get ready, pack the last things in my bag, but it still turns out that I am late. Somehow, I always manage to be late no matter how many hours before I wake up. Get ready, get in a train to Riga, there I meet my friends and we go buy the last things we need - alcohol and sweets, of course.
Not more than an hour later we are standing by the ship, of course, no freaking idea where we should go, nor does it really matter at the start, which we spend mocking the ship and laughing about how our rooms will look like. Anete (one of my friends) takes a look at the ship and says something like "Ouh, it's almost like Titanic", to which we all respond with "SHUT UP, Anete!" because well, we are girls and we are scared...

We get in a ship and it looks trustable at the start, so there are smiles back on our faces, we meet the rest of the people from our class and it's nice to see them again, everyone, more or less, looks excited about the trip. Rooms turn out to be not in the same floor where the cars are, so - another good sign :D We get the key card to our room, with which we struggle to open the door for 783974758943 times, because well... we are silly and these things doesn't go easy with girls. Get in a room... And, thank God, it looks kinda okay.

Soon after walking through the ship and checking everything out we get to the point when we are bored and in a need to get the party started. SO (yeah, the official part ends here) I, Dita, Anete and Anda start to get... well you know :D Anete, as a real quick person, doesn't do the things like we normal people do them, she doesn't drink the alcohol. We sit on our beds, chillin, killin, drug dealin, and then the girl with her Jägermeister a bit left in her glass pours the thing in her eye (by mistake, of course). That, same as the all silly things that Anete does, brings the first laughter to our room. :D

So the p-p-party is officially started, we chill in our rooms, then go upstairs where the loud music and party lights are. Drunk people - dancing, laughing, chilling and just having a good night. The ship, which took me by surprise, is actually a good place to hang out, not only because we all were drunk and everything seamed to be cool then.

After having a really good night, we go to bed at 5.00, fall asleep at 6.00, which leads us to less than 2 hours of sleep, just the way we like it.
" Vakar dzēru ar latviešem, gandrīz nomiru. Šodien visu dienu ar viņiem lāpījos, labāk būtu vakar nomiris."// Last night was getting drunk with Latvians, almost died. Today was trying to sober up with them, would have better died yesterday.
fits in this situation perfectly, because we all wake up feeling like sh... shooting a bear, but that doesn't stop us from having a great day in Stockholm.

And I have to say, I really liked that place. It was a sunny day, people chilling on streets and just enjoying themselves, loved the fashion, people, everything. I and Dita take the map in our hands and check out where we should go shopping, because I already have done the homework and written down which streets we should check out. Not only we check out the shops, but Swedish guys, as well, and they are quite good looking, so it's another plus to Sweden. After 5 hours of walking with 2 hours sleep everyone seems to be very tired, so we go back to the ship, have a little nap and then start to party again. Have to say, comparing to a night before the party has calmed down a bit, because the energy battery is running out. Still... Guys manage to think of something funny again. We sit in one of the rooms and
"Rhupjmaizzz, makes me strong. Makes me strong willed."
comes up. Rupjmaize is a black bread, and I have no idea how that came up in our conversation, but it's funny, so it's another quote from the trip that we'll remember.
One the way back the ship is tossed a bit, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. We are having fun on a dance floor again, but the party ends sooner than a night before, we go to bed at 2.00.

Waking up is a bit hard, not sure is it because we've slept that little or because no one really wants to leave the party ship, but everyone manages to get out of their beds. The ship is slowly getting moored to port of Riga and after a while everyone leaves the ship.

Those 3 days were awesome, we rocked the ship and the ship rocked us, my ribs and abs hurt like hell(Dāvis has a theory it's because of the laughing), but those memories will stay with us forever, well... as much as we can remember from the parties. :D

I'll go off topic a bit, but one of my class mates said something really nice about my blog, so I have to quote him
"Ja x blogu var saukt par māju, tad tavu atļaušos saukt par villu." //"If I imagine that x's blog is a home, then I'll allow myself to call yours a villa".
Thanks, Kristap. (everyone go and check
out his blog http://peerle.wordpress.com )

Keep living,


  1. Since your blog is in english I figured I should comment in english, right? Liked it a lot with all the rhupjmaizzz stuf and the chillin thing. You misspelled my name though :D


  2. Yellow, Dave!
    Well, if you really want to know, DAVE,why I didn't write your superhero name, let's recall you telling me, you wanted to fit in with the normal people. In my opinion, SuperDave doesn't really blend in with the rest of our names, and every good super hero should keep their identity hidden, just a little advice ;)
    Good luck with taking cloth off from the evil.