Navy Velvet Shorts and White Shirt


Hello, beautiful people!

I can't believe it will soon be almost a month since I boarded the plane to New York. I guess time goes by quick when you are having fun. One of the things I really wanted to do this time around on my visit to NY was to go to the Central Park. Surprisingly, I had never been before and Central Park in October time is a must, like the largest cup of coffee on a Monday.

As some of you may have noticed and I have already touched on this before - this Autumn I am living my ultimate velvet fantasy. It came as a trend last Autumn and sort of stayed through Summer, then fully peaked again this season. So, logically when I saw these absolutely amazing cute navy velvet shorts, I just had to wear them with my trusty thigh-high boots for our morning walk through the park.


Floral Dungarees Dress and Pom Pom Shoes


Hi, beautiful people!

I have always been a firm believer of going against the flow, standing out and not listening to people's opinions about myself and my decisions I have made in my life. The world we live in, we are a part of constant feedback - likes, comments, shares - they are all some form of someone's opinion towards whatever you wish to share out there in the scary place called the Internet. And that does not even touch base of what we say to people every day directly. 

Even though I am extremely honest, and tend to often communicate in fluent sarcasm, I will never judge or influence anyone's decisions, unless that is asked from me. In which case, please sit down, bring out the fine China and lets talk. I think this is also very often reflected in my fashion choices, whether that would be daily or for special occasions. So, normally on my trip to New York, where most actual New Yorkers prefer wearing black over any form of colour, I just HAD to rock out my pink Pom Pom shoes, heart-shaped bag and pink, floral dress. 


Velvet Dress and Thigh High Boots


Hello, lovely people!

With much delight to myself we are now well within October and if I dare even say, are coming very close to the end of the month. I am always very excited for the Winter season to start, however this year I feel like in my head I am sprinting towards those colder months even faster. I am trying to stop myself and enjoy the loveliness that is around us in Edinburgh, to not miss it with my eagerness to jump into Christmas.

I love that with the month becoming colder there is now a reason to wear that beret or long boots, and I am taking the full advantage of this. Adding to that, I am becoming a very big fan of velvet and not just for Autumn. The dress I am wearing in this outfit has been sitting in my closet and patiently waiting for about year and I have been thinking of wearing it for some time. With a lot of past trends coming back in fashion and getting mixed in this wonderful cocktail of trends, I love how you can take a very 70ies looking piece like the bag I am wearing, or the long boots and mixing it with this mini velvet dress which could easily be something worn during 1960s.


Red Sweater and Denim Skirt


Hello, lovely people!

And just like that we have stepped into October. Even though Spring is the season where everything becomes new again, to me Autumn and October especially feels like the start of something beautiful. Even though Edinburgh has not yet become particularly cold, I have started to pull out by big knits and my online shopping lately now consists of 80% knitwear. With days becoming shorter and the temperature slowly dropping, the wanting to be comfortable increases and we wrap ourselves up in sweaters and big scarves (mine is pink and could basically be made in a dress, obviously). I have noticed that a lot of people during this time prefer to shy away from the colourful prints and colours, and step into their usual autumnal black coats. However, if you just take a look around the high-street and AW 2017 in general, red and brights in general have been playing a big part.