Cord Trousers and Pink Sweater


Hi, lovely people!

We are now both legs in December, and at the very end of the year. Christmas shopping lists are compiled and people are rushing from one Christmas party to another. Depending where you are most likely the only true light you are seeing is the one of the fairy lights and decorations on the streets. And, most importantly cheese has become all of your "five a day", at least it has for me. 

This has been a mental year so far and it feels like it will not slow down for the last couple of days we have left of it. I am counting days till I can hide away with my family and loved ones over the holidays, making the forever exciting journey between the TV and the fridge while PJs slowly become my "every day look". 


Lilac Dress and Velvet Boots


Hi, my friends,

Time has been on my mind lately. More than it normally is. The power the time has to heal, or on the other hand emphasise the importance of. With only a month to go till Christmas, and slightly over a month for us to step into a New Year, I am stunned how life has changed and how important this year has been.

Oddly, this has also been the 25th year of my life on this earth, my quarter-life crisis year and the year of a constant -"WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING?". I am starting to understand how the older generation can truly be unfazed by anything, because they have seen and been through it all. I think with the rate I am going, I will arrive to that part and mind-set of my life by my 30ies...


Faux Suede Jacket and Floral Print Dress


Hi friends,

With November standing on its last leg, we are approaching the "barely seen any daylight" time of the year, as we rush off to our lives early in the dark mornings and come home late in the afternoon. But not to worry, we are guided by the Christmas lights, which are slowly starting to be lit in the cities we live in, to lead the way for us through the dark and cold of the next few weeks to come. 

I am, however already in a new year set of mind, as always living a few months ahead, recently I have been thinking of the year gone by, of the major and minor changes in my life and how weirdly, at the same time it has been one of the best and equally hardest years of my life.


Floral Wrap Dress and Velvet Thigh-high Boots


Hi friends,

October flew by like it never has before. I swear - the time in London goes quicker than anywhere else in the world, and there is simply never, ever enough minutes in an hour and enough hours in a day. But, there are no complaints here, as it is bringing us closer to the most amazing time of the year.

For those of you who know your girl aka me well, will not be surprised of the fact that I have started playing Christmas songs already and purchased additional decorations, which I am well aware my one tree will purely not have enough space for. This month has been filled with friends and family, heart warming conversations and settling in. Creating parts of London that are my own.