Red Linen Blazer and Black Jeans with Lacing


Hi guys,

I don't know about you, but I certainly feel like these past 2 weeks have not been the easiest. Whether it's the Mercury Retrograde to blame or seemingly never ending grey here in the UK, everything feels like more of a struggle and things that usually would be easy and take a short time to complete, have taken me ages. During this time I have been thinking a lot about confidence and how a tiny shift in your regular routine can often turn your mindset upside down. A friend of mine said to me something that stuck and I have mulled it over in my brain during those days where nothing ever seems to be going my way. She said - "You can't always be perfect, but you can, however, always try to do your best."

It's such a simple thought, but for those of us who are never fully happy and are perfectionists to the point of emotional and physical exhaust, it is necessary to sometimes hear this. I have to say, I have always viewed confidence as a fake feeling. I have heard people often question how I can be so confident in certain situations in my life, to which I can only answer with - I'm not.


Grey Check Dress and Black Boots


Hi lovely people,

April has come around way too quick this year, however it has not brought the usual loveliness that it comes with - clearer skies, more sun, birds chirping and flower blooms. Nevertheless, it does mean we are approaching Summer and the days are getting brighter, which is always a reason for a smile. This time of the year is always perfect for organising, and it doesn't necessary always mean organising your home or your space. It can also mean organising your environment, the people we let in our lives and our future goals we set for ourselves. 

I have often been criticised by those closest to me that I tend to cut people off my life way too quick, and often this meme is brought up to describe me. However, with each year I have added to my age total, I have become more accepting of other peoples flaws, as of mine, and have learned to allow certain things that doesn't necessary sit well with me - slide, for the sake of the peace of it.


All Burgundy Dress and Thigh High Boots


Hi, lovely people,

Somehow, even though the months are going by and things like upcoming Daylight Savings time changes and the date on your calendar might signal its Spring, we are still stuck somewhere quite close to Winter. To me, this usually is one of the toughest times as we have exited the colder months, but somehow still exist in the grey. I always miss home a little bit more during this time, as well as all things familiar and comfortable. It is easy to want to hide from the world and wait in comfort until the sun comes out and life can begin again, but its important to not get stuck into this little world of yours and miss some great things.


Long Velvet Kimono and Thigh High boots


Hi, everyone!

There are some obsessions which we can't seem to shake off - mine has become owning and wearing several pairs of thigh high boots and anything velvet. When the velvet trend first came around, I was convinced it won't stay here for long, but as it quickly translated itself to high-street retailers like Zara and H&M, and still can be seen in various street style photos from the fashion week season now, I think we are safe to say it will still be here for some time(which I am certainly only happy about).

In my last post I was touching base on transitional dressing and how it can be confusing sometimes to figure out what to wear when its not really Spring yet, however not full blown Winter anymore, either. Well, folks, I think we can put a pause on that with the general weather situation lately as I write to you from my snowed in apartment in Scotland (major the Holiday Cameron Diaz feels at the moment).