Green Suede Skirt and Thigh High Boots


Hi, lovely people!

I can't even put in words how much I have missed sitting down and writing here, but sometimes life side tracks us so hard it can become impossible to just fit everything we love in. And it is fine to sometimes understand that we are just one person that only have 24 hours in a day, though if anyone has any spare hours, please do send them my way. But thats not me whining or being upset about it. Even though this month has been probably as tough and busy as my dissertation hand in month(which has been officially declared as the hardest ever), my life in the past month has changed completely upside down -  I have moved away from Edinburgh and started a new job. And it's a wonderful, amazing and exciting change. 

Nevertheless, it doesn't end there - some of my wildest dreams I have chased since I decided to move to Scotland and pursue Fashion are finally coming through. I know, I am being cryptic, but for the moment being thats all I can say. So with that, I choose to pick my battles. I sacrifice things I love, to get things I have dreamed for almost all my life.


Red Check Dress and Long Grey Cardigan


Hi, everyone!

There has been some time since I last blogged - we are already quite within the New Year, and hopefully the "new you" that most have declared to be. The holidays for me are always a peaceful and quiet time, which I choose to make it so. My whole year is always a complex combination of juggling multiple tasks at once, running around working, meeting deadlines and on top of that trying to actually socialise. So, for those two weeks in Winter, I go home, I forget about (or try to forget about) Social Media, blogs and overall life responsibilities, and just be with my family and friends.

It is safe to say, that by the end of those two weeks, I am having stress withdrawals and begin worrying over the fact that there has been nothing to worry about for some time (I know, it sounds ridiculous). So, even though that time off is always well needed and enjoyed, I always am happy to come back. 


Wrap Satin Skirt and Shiny Oversized Sweater


Hi, friends!

It feels like there has been some time since I last wrote, and even though not long, I have managed to miss it already. With the year being so close to its end, it feels like all the little jobs and tasks you pushed aside all year long, hoping they will just resolve themselves, have come back double the size. It feels like these past few weeks I have been holding my breath and now finally I can breath again as loose ends are tied and last things are done. Christmas shopping is done, I am starting to pack my suitcase to go home to soon enjoy the silence of middle of nowhere and I can't wait.


Tailored Jacket and Satin Pencil Skirt


Hello, friends!

And with that we are in December, the last and the best month of the year. Somehow, even though Christmas and December is meant for peace, merry and quiet, not always that is the case. On most occasions it is the opposite. You need to tie loose ends, need to find gifts for everyone and outfits for everything. If you are in university, this most likely is your deadline time, if you are working - you need to make sure your projects are done before everyone goes in deep sleep for a those few days from Christmas to New Years. To say the least, it is possible that during some moments this might not sound like the best month, however to me it is always still magical. And that is because I choose to make it magical for myself.

December comes with trees and fairy lights, Princess Street in Edinburgh is filled with the scent of Mulled Wine and, of course bockwurst, from the Christmas market. To some the streets are filled with obsessed people pushing and shoving to find the perfect gift, to me, it means family and others looking to make those closest to them happy. During the colder months, it is always easier to slip in something a darker (both physically and mentally), but I love breaking things apart with something bolder, like a red beret, or deep purple velvet shoes(velvet obsession is still in full swing).