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Hi, my dear friends,

Last time I wrote to you It had been my 4th week in self-isolation. Now I am approaching the two month mark of what I have now almost fully accepted as normal. It is such a surreal feeling, this new life that revolves around home, self-care, studying, staying connected to family and friends. Thoughts of work, office politics, London, plans, goals, worrying about other people and their opinions have been replaced by content, family, friends, my own needs and "wants". It is humiliating to me that only at nearly 27 I am waking up as a person and doing what my body needs. For first time, I am not only saying, but I am actually doing so -  living the truth of putting myself first as much as I can during this time. 

And no, it wasn't an easy transition, and it still isn't as I feel guilty for not working, for not thinking about work during and past work hours. As my brain had created this habit, of constant burn - go, go, go.  I feel guilty as I feel responsible to people and work left behind while I am being furloughed. But do I miss the act of it? Honestly? 


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Hi, my friends!

It's such a surreal feeling looking back at these photos and posting this now. Back then I wasn't aware of what the new life normal will be, then I was still worrying about pre-corona issues or planning my weekends ahead, as I was about to go to Portugal and not too late after that had planned to visit my family in Latvia for Easter. Safe to say, in a matter of just a few days I would be dealing with different issues with my plans cancelled and my life, same like everyone's - paused. 

Before this exploded, I managed to have my last trip to Portugal, and accidentally ran into some London friends there after noticing they were there on Instagram. The power of social media!

I was very excited to go to Lisbon. Sadly, or maybe luckily, it happened right before "lockdown". We all managed to see bits of the city and hide them away in the amazing memory box for later, but it was hard not to worry about what was happening in the world, and back home especially, wherever that would be for each of us. When I'm faced with a stressful situation, I try to approach it very analytically, and focus on things I can control. I knew that this was probably the last time in a long time I will be able to have the luck to explore a different, unseen part of the world. So, my approach was to deal with it one task at a time. As it felt like something too heavy to carry all at once. However, what we also saw was a city changing right before our eyes, becoming more quiet, empty and lonely by hour.


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Hello, my friends,

The teasing of Spring has to be one of the things that get to me the most when living on this island called the Great Britain. One day the sun shines so bright you can barely keep your eyes open, so you scrummage the bag for your sunglasses, the other - it rains on you from all 4 directions as you come home from work. So, you are shown that brighter days are ahead, nevertheless the rainy, windy, cold ones seem to overweigh them. Or, is it because we notice the dark, the negative more? Letting that to impact us and lead us to believe we only have the grey. 

I am an endlessly cynical human being and speak in sarcasm fluently. My sense of humour can be described as dry, and when I think and concentrate really hard, my face will fully turn into what can only be described as "the resting bitch face". However, I am also an entirely positive person, and if I choose you as my human, I will make it my task to brighten your day, so we end up laughing together. And those will be the people I choose to gather around me too, my like-minded cynical optimists of the world.