Corset Dress and Black Jeans

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Hello, lovely people!

In a blink of an eye we have almost come to the end of September. I feel like this has been one of these years where you can barely catch your breath of how quick it goes. Therefore, my style and everyday outfits have changed and adapted, as well. I have noticed that more and more I pick clothing that will be practical, compared to what I used to wear (flower crowns, big hats, layers of pieces together). Nowadays my thought process goes like this - Is this going to crease? If I spill coffee allover my legs can you see? Can I run in this in case I wake up too late and I need to catch my bus? :) So, this blog post I want to talk about the re-discovery of trousers. I know!


Silver and Gold


Hi, lovely people!

It feels like every year around this time we meet again. There is no other explanation to this, only the fact that Autumn makes me want to take my camera out, drag Mr Bear with me, take photos and write. I also think the world becomes much more beautiful during Autumn. It brings with itself a lot of my favourite things - hot brews with gingerbread or pumpkin spice, long boots, colourful trees, movies like "You've got mail" and "Hocus Pocus", and parks with crunchy leaves on the ground.

This Autumn I am particularly inlove with the velvet and knit combination, which I realised only once I got so excited to wear them. I guess if you have not touched and looked at these garments during the warmer months of Spring and Summer, you crave to put them on again, like that first yummy Ice Cream of the Summer (who am I kidding, Ice Cream is awesome all year round).


Knowing When to Stop


Hello, my friends!

When once again I sit here and write this I realise how quickly time is running past me, past everyone around. Its not that long ago that we all turned our clocks and invited the dark months of November and December in our homes. When walking through a park it is hard not to notice that almost all of the leaves from the colourful trees have fallen on the ground. In my childlike mind I imagine that the trees know that soon people will be dressing them up with fairy lights, so they shed off their colourful Autumnal outfits for more of a glitz and glamour winter look.


Your Own Kind of Happy


Hi, my lovely friends!

With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer, it is hard to not get a little grumpy now and then. We are starting to loose out on some serious sun time and spending our days rushing around chasing something invisible. It is always so important to remember to be kind to yourself during this time, I know I personally forget to do so and often over-work or wire myself up so bad that I start to become blind to some pretty beautiful things around me.