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Hi, my friends,

I don't know about you, but somehow my relationship with time has never been good. I have yet to truly figure it out. When its about being on time - I will always be too early, when it's about having time - I will never have enough, when it's about time passing - I never seem to notice it until too late, when it's about timing - it will never be the right one. 

As you can tell, time is one of the biggest thoughts I have been mulling over lately. And perspective. I am a big believer of the moment, which makes my relationship with time even more difficult. It's about the moment you realize you no longer care about something or someone once so important to you, or it's about the moment you realize the opposite, that no matter how much you hoped time would take the importance away, it's still there. It's about the moment you understand that the beliefs you once had that sculpted you as a person have changed, or that the people who are the epitome of a crutch to you will suddenly, one day, disappear from your life.


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Hi, my friends,

February as always brings us grey and cold, both things we really do not want after the business of December and for some the re-creating of ourselves we do in January. As I have mentioned before, I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions, and believe that if there is something you desperately want to change in your life, today is as good of a day as any. Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the differences between 2018 and 2019 already. The lessons and challenges the New Year has given me already. The theme the year is shaping into. 


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Hi guys,

There has been some time since I last wrote. We have started a New Year, and are already close to the end of our first month of 2019. The year we left behind is truly indescribable to me, and I am beyond thankful for it. I have grown as a person more in one year than ever before and proven to myself that when I am faced with personal challenges, I will come through the other end. I will not claim for this to be a singular effort of mine. I am thankful to people who have entered my life this year and been a massive support throughout, those of my closest who have always been there, my family who have always seen more in me than I will ever see and others who visited my life for a short moment to teach me lessons I otherwise would have missed. 

Looking back, I can see a general theme for my 2018 and that was living each day like I had nothing to lose. I opened up to people, sometimes being reckless with my trust and my heart, I was courageous in the way I lived, took chances I otherwise wouldn't have, pushed myself to the absolute brim fighting my battles head on to get what I wanted and learned to be on my own. However, that does not mean I wasn't scared. No, I am still that person who will think a decision over, go away and make a pros and cons list, create a mental excel spreadsheet in regards to my decision and still struggle to voice with conviction my final answer. 


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Hi, lovely people!

We are now both legs in December, and at the very end of the year. Christmas shopping lists are compiled and people are rushing from one Christmas party to another. Depending where you are most likely the only true light you are seeing is the one of the fairy lights and decorations on the streets. And, most importantly cheese has become all of your "five a day", at least it has for me. 

This has been a mental year so far and it feels like it will not slow down for the last couple of days we have left of it. I am counting days till I can hide away with my family and loved ones over the holidays, making the forever exciting journey between the TV and the fridge while PJs slowly become my "every day look".