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Hi, lovely people,

The pleasantly warm Indian summer has now been replaced by the first notes of Autumn with perfectly fresh and a little bit chilly, nevertheless still somewhat bright mornings. You might have already dug out your boots, or thought while on your way to work that you could have used a scarf. 

Autumn and September in particular has always marked the start of the year for me. I feel like everything changes around this time of the year, as a new page is turned. Maybe I'm still in that school/university mindset, but this to me always feels like extremely productive and inspired time.


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 Hi, my friends,

Some while has passed since I last wrote, as I thought it would, because last time I wrote I was packing my life away to move to London. I cannot say I am fully unpacked yet even though an exact week has passed in my new flat, but as it normally is in my life, the move hasn't been without some "plot twists", so I am trying to straighten my life out onto the course of smooth sailing. And I am succeeding - slowly, but surely.

It's been a challenging week, not only physically, but also mentally, as once again I am trying to talk myself into calling a completely strange place my home. As I have mentioned before, leaving Scotland was not easy. I had made it home, with people who had made it home. 


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Hello, lovely people,

I am writing to you from the land of boxes and bubble wrap as once again I am in a midst of moving my life from one place to another. Moving is probably one of my least favourite things to do in the world, so to come up with a logical reasoning as of why I am doing it for the 3rd time within the space of 12 months is impossible. I guess, life just keeps swinging me from one corner of the world and opportunity to another and I am just trying to catch up while also keeping my sanity during the process.

Nevertheless, this time the move I am making is probably as big as when I moved from Latvia to here. At least it feels like it in my heart and in my mind, because even though exciting, it feels extremely bittersweet due to the fact I am about to say goodbye to a place and people that had become a sort of a home to me for a while. 


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Hi, lovely people,

There are so many things I have wanted to write here for a long time. Happy things about my life that were happening, that were changing and progressing. I still feel guilty talking about them and even sometimes thinking about them to myself, as I am not used to life giving me things I want, providing me with happiness.

For a long time I was lost in regards to my life, dreams and what steps I should take next. I knew what I wanted, but each time there was an obstacle in front of me, either created by myself or the environment around me. Now, I think as I stepped over one, I have started a chain reaction of breaking them all, and yes -  it feels amazing, beyond words amazing. But, also, it is making me feel scared. I am getting that feeling in my stomach, you know - the one when you are on a rollercoaster and it drops, and your whole insides sink. And, it is because for once, I have something to lose.