Velvet Dress and Thigh High Boots


Hello, lovely people!

With much delight to myself we are now well within October and if I dare even say, are coming very close to the end of the month. I am always very excited for the Winter season to start, however this year I feel like in my head I am sprinting towards those colder months even faster. I am trying to stop myself and enjoy the loveliness that is around us in Edinburgh, to not miss it with my eagerness to jump into Christmas.

I love that with the month becoming colder there is now a reason to wear that beret or long boots, and I am taking the full advantage of this. Adding to that, I am becoming a very big fan of velvet and not just for Autumn. The dress I am wearing in this outfit has been sitting in my closet and patiently waiting for about year and I have been thinking of wearing it for some time. With a lot of past trends coming back in fashion and getting mixed in this wonderful cocktail of trends, I love how you can take a very 70ies looking piece like the bag I am wearing, or the long boots and mixing it with this mini velvet dress which could easily be something worn during 1960s.


Red Sweater and Denim Skirt


Hello, lovely people!

And just like that we have stepped into October. Even though Spring is the season where everything becomes new again, to me Autumn and October especially feels like the start of something beautiful. Even though Edinburgh has not yet become particularly cold, I have started to pull out by big knits and my online shopping lately now consists of 80% knitwear. With days becoming shorter and the temperature slowly dropping, the wanting to be comfortable increases and we wrap ourselves up in sweaters and big scarves (mine is pink and could basically be made in a dress, obviously). I have noticed that a lot of people during this time prefer to shy away from the colourful prints and colours, and step into their usual autumnal black coats. However, if you just take a look around the high-street and AW 2017 in general, red and brights in general have been playing a big part.


Corset Dress and Black Jeans

el2 el7

Hello, lovely people!

In a blink of an eye we have almost come to the end of September. I feel like this has been one of these years where you can barely catch your breath of how quick it goes. Therefore, my style and everyday outfits have changed and adapted, as well. I have noticed that more and more I pick clothing that will be practical, compared to what I used to wear (flower crowns, big hats, layers of pieces together). Nowadays my thought process goes like this - Is this going to crease? If I spill coffee allover my legs can you see? Can I run in this in case I wake up too late and I need to catch my bus? :) So, this blog post I want to talk about the re-discovery of trousers. I know!


Silver and Gold


Hi, lovely people!

It feels like every year around this time we meet again. There is no other explanation to this, only the fact that Autumn makes me want to take my camera out, drag Mr Bear with me, take photos and write. I also think the world becomes much more beautiful during Autumn. It brings with itself a lot of my favourite things - hot brews with gingerbread or pumpkin spice, long boots, colourful trees, movies like "You've got mail" and "Hocus Pocus", and parks with crunchy leaves on the ground.

This Autumn I am particularly inlove with the velvet and knit combination, which I realised only once I got so excited to wear them. I guess if you have not touched and looked at these garments during the warmer months of Spring and Summer, you crave to put them on again, like that first yummy Ice Cream of the Summer (who am I kidding, Ice Cream is awesome all year round).